Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ideas and Issues

I rode Izzy again on Friday. We did a lot of bend/counter bend, and I tried to focus on influencing her with just my body as much as possible, leaving the reins alone. Overall, she did well. Also, Cathy took some pictures, so I will hopefully get those up on Monday. They do show the inside of the indoor with the reflected trees, which is pretty interesting.

More exciting yet, Katie is probably going to come out and ride again. I'm selfishly hoping that she'll be able to give us some pointers on what to work on. (However, if she just wants to enjoy a quiet ride, that's ok too.)

Here's a funny story for the day: I showed up to ride on Friday. I was going over to the indoor with Cathy's 9am lesson, so I was getting all my stuff ready. Izzy watched me everywhere I went. I kept thinking, "Aww, she loves me." It was really cute, until I realized that Cathy was gone getting grain, because she ran out.

The pony just wanted food. Silly mare.


  1. Yup, I am fully aware that Salem mainly loves me because I am the Carrot/Peppermint/Extra Hay Dispenser. The way to their hearts is definitely through their stomachs!

  2. Lesson from a horse: Love is just a carrot--or a bucket of grain--or an apple--or a horse treat....well, you get the message. *G*

  3. Very funny! It never fails that just when you start thinking you're really getting somewhere with a horse, they find a way to knock you down a peg or two. Oh well, it keeps us humble!

  4. hah! The allure of grain! That has happened to me before! And with the pig as often as with the horse!


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