Friday, January 8, 2010

Not As Exciting News

Cathy is out of town for the weekend, so I showed up this morning to help feed and clean. As usual, I went over to visit with Izzy first, and immediately something popped out at me: her right hind fetlock was swollen. There was no cut or blood or ooze. I went and got a halter and led her up and down the hard drive way.

Phew. She's totally sound on it. I called Cathy (who was at the airport) and asked her about it. She'd fed in the dark, so there was no way she'd noticed. When I told her Izzy was still sound, she said it probably wasn't a big deal. She did mention that if she's still swollen tomorrow, I should give her some bute.

I think it's because we worked hard on Thursday, and then she went back into her pen. I hadn't moved her back to the pasture yet because the weather's been pretty hit-and-miss, but the result was her just standing around. I think it's most likely that her ankle is just stocking up from the inactivity.

After I finished my chores, I groomed Izzy (she wasn't sensitive about her leg at all), and then hand walked her for about 10 minutes. It looked like the swelling went down a bit. I put her out in the pasture with her friend and dumped the rest of her hay out there. Here's hoping that all is well tomorrow.


  1. If it is just stocking up, she should be fine after some turnout.

    Sometimes too a very tiny little nick you might not find, or just bump can cause swelling. As long as there is no heat and she is sound, it's probably nothing to worry about.

  2. It's always scary when something is amise with your horse! I'm sure she's okay! Good Luck!

  3. Once she's moving, she should be OK - hope all is well!

  4. It's already tomorrow so I hope Izzy is doing better. Don't you wish you could have a camera on them 24-7 so you could go back and see what happened? There are times I wish I had that!
    Maybe by now the swelling has gone down. I hope so.


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