Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lesson Learned

Always, always, always bring your muck boots to the barn, even if it isn't your day.

I hadn't even gotten out of my car at the barn this morning when I got a call from the morning cleaner. She had car trouble and wondered if I could fill in for her.

A couple important points:
1) She fills in for me all the time, so I owe her big time.
2) She's one of those really nice people I'd do almost anything to help.
3) It rained hard, all night long.
4) My muck boots are at home.

I even looked at my muck boots as I was loading up the car, and thought, "Oh, I'm not cleaning today. There's no way I'll need those."

HA! Apparently, I now needed them badly.

We managed to get it figured out, though. I borrowed Cathy's boots, since she was gone for the morning. They're too big, but they're waterproof. I hope the other cleaner's car gets fixed today so I'm not on the hook for tomorrow, but either way, I'm bringing riding and mucking boots with me from now until the ground dries up.


  1. I keep extra riding clothes/boots, jackets and grungy work clothes in my truck at all times for just that reason. My husband complains that it looks like hobos live in my truck, but at least I'm always prepared!

  2. I used to always keep a heavy coat behind the seat in my truck. You never know when you may need it! In the summer- it makes a great pillow if you are ever caught anywhere and have time for a quick nap.

    And if I could ever be bothered with one pair of shoes/boots/sandals, that hasn't been in the barn and doesn't smell like a horse- That will be the day! Then I will know I have arrived. lol

  3. Hah, YES. It's no big deal to me when the ground is frozen but last week it thawed enough to make the pastures muddy gunk again and I was quite glad to have my pair of rubber boots on hand (they're too big, really, but they were only $6 so I don't complain).

  4. I used to carry emergency barn clothes in my car too when I boarded out. With the horses at home, I don't need to do that anymore, but the muck boots and barn clothes are right by the back door.

    You never know with horses. *S*


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