Thursday, February 25, 2010

On the Edge

The arena is back to being 3 inches deep in mud, so I took Izzy over to the bubble again this afternoon. I thought it would be great; the sun was shining, another horse was going with us, she seemed pretty happy... Ha. HAHAHA. Nope, on the way over some horses in a neighbor's pasture decided to gallop around and snort at Izzy. I swear she grew a foot as she pranced and snorted back at them.

I finally got her off the road and through the gate. As we walked down the aisle next to the Bubble, we could intermittently hear a horse blowing off steam on the lunge line inside. Apparently that was also terrifying. Izzy pranced and snorted her way to the claustrophobic box, then absolutely refused to go inside. It took five minutes to get her in, thirty minutes of lunging once she was in to get her brain sort of back, and about five minutes of riding for me to realize that I was not going to accomplish anything today.

No worries. We'll be back at it tomorrow.


  1. There are days like that - at least you seem to be taking it in stride!

  2. Some days you are just better off staying on the ground. No worries about it from here. Just a chance to work on ground work or refresh the manners is all. It just ensures you will be around to ride another day is all.

    At least you have the bubble of doom to ride in. Everything is slick here. It rained last weekend or rather poured, then poured more on Monday, cleared up so far this week but calling for more rain next week... I was hoping to have my mare in shape and started under saddle by next month. It's looking more like April or May is the goal now.

  3. Boooo! As is the world of equestrian-ism... Better luck next time girlie! I hope I don't meet the same fate tomorrow during my dome ride!

  4. Some days things just don't work out as planned. Glad you took the wiser course and just surrendered. You got Izzy into the bubble, lunged her and spent at least a few minutes in the saddle. Accomplishment enough for a day like that.

  5. Yup, some days you just have to simplify the equation. You and I are having some similair rides lately! Good for you for sticking it out.


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