Friday, February 19, 2010

Lesson Tomorrow!

Yesterday, Izzy was much improved. I turned her loose in the arena for a while, then lunged her, then got on and rode. While she was loose, I'd put some trot poles out at random, so I put her over them pretty regularly just to keep her little brain engaged. After we were done, I turned her out in the front pasture for a while so I could get some stuff done and she could be a horse.

I think that made her happy.

Today, I only had a few minutes to ride and I was trying a friend's saddle to see if it fit me. Accordingly, we didn't do much, but she had several lovely trot/canter/trot transitions. Also, the arena got worked this morning, so it's all soft and fluffy instead of the hard sand/mud mix we had before. Izzy seemed to really like it and she moved a bit better. I don't think she liked the pad I used though, because she was very reluctant to go forward at first. She's a princess; if the saddle isn't perfect, she doesn't want to work.

Anyways, our lesson is set for tomorrow morning. Cathy agreed that if it doesn't rain and Izzy is behaving, we can maybe do a couple teeny tiny little jumps!! So exciting.


  1. Way to go! Some jumps would really be fun! I have a feeling Izzy is going to be a good girl so she can earn some fun time over the to speak. (Only a horseman would understand what I just wrote. *lol*...maybe understand.)

  2. Hope your lesson goes well! Jumping will be just the thing to get Izzy's mind working. Horses can get bored with arena work just like people can, sometimes a change of pace is just what's needed.

  3. Oooh! Jumping! Jumping is like FLYING!!!!


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