Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another Lesson!

We were scheduled for a lesson this morning, so a storm blew in last night. It's one of those awful days where it never gets light and rains and snows constantly. Sigh. Still, whether or not I rode, I knew I needed to get Izzy out (so she won't be nuts from boredom) and I'm taking my last lovely treed saddle home to clean and hopefully sell.

Anyone want a 17.5 Prix de Saute jumping saddle by BT Crump? It's lovely. I've only kept it this long because I like looking at it. (Seriously, if you or someone you know wants it, leave a comment or email me. I'll make you a deal.)

Anyways, I talked to Cathy when I got out and she said the lesson was still on; we'd just ride in (drum roll) THE BUBBLE OF DOOOOOOM!!! We haven't been over there in at least a month. I got Izzy ready and since we couldn't jump indoors anyways (owned by dressage riders), I borrowed Cathy's dressage saddle. Off we went. Izzy had to go by herself, because no one else is crazy enough to ride in this kind of weather.

It was fine. Seriously. She didn't spook on the road, walked right into the claustrophobic box, walked calmly into the main arena, and warmed up nicely on the lunge. She only had one spook the whole time. At the end of the lesson, Cathy had us ride training test 2, which was the second time we've ever ridden any test. Izzy did really well. Cathy said that it was probably a 60%ish score. Other things to work on included riding in a little counterbend when going left because Izzy isn't quite tracking straight and loosening up my body to help Izzy loosen hers.

Ok, enough rambling. Here are some pictures from yesterday, before all the miserable rain.

Nice, uphill trot.
Cantering around.
Ok, now she's tired.
This is Izzy's "FEED ME TREATS" face.
And lunging. What a cute girl, eh?


  1. Shes really really cute; we dont see enough pictures of her! PS: if you didnt live a million miles away, Eva needs a new saddle desperately (whether she wants one or not!!).

  2. Haha rachel and I think alike :) I was also thinking of my saddle needs. :) I'm not sure if I would need a 17 or 17.5, but maybe i will hop over to the tack store to sit on one and find out.

    ps Izzy looks GREAT!!!

  3. She looks great, both loose and on the lunge!

  4. She looks great! Then again, just seeing dry land under a horse's feet makes the horse look good to me now! (Awaiting yet another big snowstorm here.)

    What a good girl to behave so well in the evil bubble. Traiing level two is a nice test and if you rode it at a 60%, then you are ready to go for the season. What a great compliment from your trainer. Nicely done.

  5. Such a pretty girl! Glad the second lesson went well.


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