Monday, February 15, 2010

Some Pictures


  1. super cute. You have such a lovely mare :)

  2. Gorgeous girl...or have I said that before.

    Hard to believe those are winter pictures. Both horses look so clean and trim. My guys have that fuzzy, unkempt winter appearance....'course it would help if I pulled their manes.

    By the by, the first pic has that true sense of the artistic....true drama.

  3. Adorable! Who's the chestnut cutie?

  4. The chestnut mare with my friend up is Ellie, a Hanoverian/TB cross with a puppy dog disposition. The chestnut gelding in the spacehat (ok, head bumper, but it looks like a space hat) is Regairo, a 4 year old Oldenburg Cathy just sold.

  5. Love Oldenburgs, they just ooze beauty!
    Your girl's head shot is lovely! :)


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