Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Fun Dilemma

I have a lesson scheduled for this coming Saturday. It will be my second lesson in three weeks, which is probably some sort of record for me since graduating from highschool years ago. Life is so much more expensive when I'm paying for it...

Anyways, the point is that Cathy gave me the option of riding three different horses, and I'm not sure which to choose.

1) Izzy. She my girl (obviously) and we both need lots of work. This is a good option.

2) Dart. He's Cathy's old horse and now he's quite the schoolmaster. He has competed through 4th level and he pulls like a train. It's an intense workout to ride him, but the skills don't necessarily translate well to Izzy because she's obviously not at his level. Still, It's good for me to have to work that hard.

3) Sasha. She's Cathy's current horse. She's second level schooling third, and I haven't ridden her since she was a baby learning how to steer. I think the where she's at might be more applicable to Izzy, but I'm just speculating.

Any thoughts?

In other news, I finally replaced my gloves and ordered a fleece girth through our local tack shop. I'm curious to see how Izzy likes the fleece.


  1. Go with your girl :)
    Absolutely applicable, and it will take care of a work out for her this week as well.
    Did I mention that I am jealous?! I can't afford lessons :(

  2. My first choice is always my own horse, but Sasha wouldn't be a bad pick either. She sounds like Izzy in a few more months so you can know what to strive for.

    But, if Sasha is too easy, then will you be able to apply what you learn to the less experienced Izzy?

  3. I really think it depends on what you want to work on. Sometimes its nice to have a "me" lesson that I can spend just working on my own form. Its often hard to do that while trying to work with a green horse. But lessons with Izzy are probably great to so you can get some "homework" to keep you busy for the next week. Either way, looks like a good problem to have!

  4. All good choices - but if your horse would benefit, ride her.

  5. I'm gonna vote for Izzy, too!
    Although, I can see how it would be tempting to take a lesson on a more "made" horse so you can just work on yourself.
    And count me in the group of jealous peeps! I am poor as a church mouse, so no lessons for me! :-(

  6. I'd go against the flow and ride Dart. It is a great privelege to lesson on a schoolmaster. His skills are applicable to what you want your horse to do soon! If he feels heavy, he will teach you quick half-halts! Your trainer is kind. Take advantage (appreciatevly) of any opportunity to ride an educated horse, not everyone is so generous! :-D


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