Friday, February 12, 2010


Izzy was marvelous this morning. She was quiet and relaxed on the ground, fine on the lunge line, and excellent under saddle. I didn't ask for too much because I was running a little late, but we had such a nice ride.

This isn't a very interesting post. It's hardly fun to read about when everything goes well...

So, let's talk about horse boots. I love boots. I like buying them. I like putting them on. I like how they look. I like the protection that afford. I do not, however, actually believe that they provide any support. That said, I'm lucky to have a horse that doesn't really need any support anyways. My current leg protection options include:

-royal blue polos (set of 4)
-white polos (set of 4)
-leather open fronts (pair)
-neoprene galloping boots (set of 4)
-white fleece-lined dressage boots (pair, with the hind ones in the mail)
-no-turn black bell boots (pair)
-white velcro closure bell boots (pair)

I like to put boots on Izzy because I figure that a set of boots is vastly cheaper than a vet bill. I also like how cute she looks in them. In addition, I think it's easier to see evenness in her stride when her legs are all the same color... Maybe that's reaching a little far.

I can't be alone in my weird boot fixation. Does anyone else use boots? Why or why not?


  1. I have SOOOO many boots! And then I seem to collect new horses that need a totally different size of boot so I have to buy MORE boots. My faves are:
    - the classic polo wrap
    - Tri-Zone Cross Country Boots
    - Dressage Sport Boots (white with fluff)
    - Eskadron open fronts with matching Eskadron gel hind ankle boots
    - Classic equine bell boots in the wild patterns (Miss P has the polka dot ones much to my trainers dismay)
    I did a post on this a while back, check it out!

  2. Tucker wears bell boots all the time in hopes he will not pull his shoes.

    I do not use boots or polos when I ride. I've always kind of felt if I give my horse extra protection when he's being schooled he is much more likely to be careless about how he uses himself. Then, we he does compete (dressage) without boots, he might hit himself.

    That's just me. The rest of the world doesn't necessarily agree, and that's fine. *G*

  3. I'm a bad owner, my horses almost never wear boots and I don't even own a set of polo wraps! I put a set of Dressage Sport Boots on if I think the footing might be less than ideal, but mostly I let them go without boots or wraps. It's a habit I developed when I was riding a lot of horses, it just takes too long to put them on. Plus, like Jean said, we aren't allowed to compete with them on in dressage so I like the idea that the horse is used to not wearing them.

    Even if they don't make for interesting post material, I'm wishing you lots more boring rides! I'm sure Izzy will throw you a couple curve balls, though. ;-)

  4. Must be a Tucker thing -- my Tucker lives in bell boots too. I agree with your reasoning, bell boots are cheaper than a pulled shoe! I use dover pro boots up front and polos behind. Tucker has windpuffs behind and though I know that windpuffs are harmless, I wrap his hind legs when he works. It makes me feel like I'm doing something... even if it's totally ineffective.

    Glad Izzy has been going well! (And sorry I haven't been keeping up with you lately!)

  5. <3 Boots! Everything about them :)

  6. Oh I'm terrible about using boots. I'm just so lazy. I really only use my two sets of open front eskadrons when jumping or I have a leather set of open fronts for if I have three horses on the go.

  7. I use(d) my SMB II's ALWAYS when lunging or riding, or polo wraps b/c I figured it's an extra layer of 'skin' protecting them from any bangs/cuts, etc while working. Also in winter it helps to keep their legs warm and conditioned, but in HOT heat, I would opt not to use them sometimes. LOVE them!

  8. I've got Eskadron open front jumping boots and ankle boots, but I hardly ever use them. I also have some polos, but again, I don't use them very often. Salem isn't jumping yet, so I figure he's not at a high risk for injuring his legs while working.
    That's not to say that I don't love boots, though! There are several pair that I covet, but they're pretty low on the list of priorities.
    I guess, since Salem is supposed to be a dressage pony, I really should invest in some white polos!


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