Monday, May 21, 2012

Because We're Adorable

So shiny!!
 As I mentioned, the world's best Ellie came out to do a re-shoot of Cuna and I on Saturday. The first time she shot us, we were quite a new partnership and it was cold and awful outside.

Sunny May days and a jumping intensive make for excellent conditions.

Here's Cuna's updated conformation shot. He's filled out a lot, put on a ton of muscle, and his coat is looking completely amazing. <3
 A more dramatic pose from the old guy. I think he's really starting to get the hang of this whole "pictures" thing. It's still not his favorite, but as long as I ride ok, he's putting up with cameras.

What made this shoot especially memorable for me (aside from some of the best horse shots ever taken) is that I dropped off his signed contract and down payment the day before. :-) The old guy is mine now.

After what Cuna seemed to think was an eternity of headshots and candids, we finally went and put tack on him.
Warming up at the trot. It takes a certain amount of talent and horse knowledge to understand how to get good shots on the flat. I absolutely love all the picture Ellie took. As I told her, "They're all my favorite. I can't pick just one." 

You can see that Cuna has actually started to flex at the poll (!!). He's nicely forward and well balanced. Believe it or not, that's what it looks like when my heels are down. 

 And canter! Despite his capacity for speed, Cuna loves a nice, slow warmup. We canter around while I stay off his back and do circles, changes of direction, and simple changes to get him moving and thinking.

I've known Ellie pretty much forever and she keeps commenting on how I'm just a completely different person around Cuna than I ever was around Izzy. We just suit each other, and it's kind of perfect.
Giant jump!
There are a plethora of super amazing jumping pictures of us which we can break down in detail throughout the next couple weeks, but I just thought I'd put this one up. I didn't measure, but it's a 2'9"ish ascending oxer coming off a 5 stride line. We cantered in, jumped the first oxer effortlessly, put in 5 nice strides, and jumped out.

You know, like magic.

The way everyone else does it.

Our first attempt was not great and I wasn't happy with it, so I decided to try it again and get things a little straighter and more balanced. Yep. Circled around and jumped more big jumps because I felt like it. I wasn't even scared.

It's a whole new us.


  1. You guys are awesome :)!! You sound perfect for each other.

  2. Cuna is so red! You two look glorious together and he really is moving in a nice frame. You may be able to double as a dressage team after all.

  3. Great pics, thanks for sharing!

  4. Fabulous! You both look so good (and clean!) - jump looks effortless and the flat looks totally balanced and relaxed. =) Thanks for sharing. BTW fly bonnet so so so so cute. Jealous.

  5. Aww, he is SO handsome and you guys look great together! And... OMG... are you SMILING over that giant jump?!?!

  6. Dang, that is one good looking fellow!

  7. Dang, that is one good looking fellow!

  8. You guys look amazing! It is so easy to see how much in-sync you guys are through your photos.

  9. You guys look great! What a good boy Cuna is. Congrats on your purchase of him.

  10. I love the pictures! He looks amazingly beautiful, I love a shiny chestnut coat. And the jumping picture is GREAT! By the way, I counted the holes in the standard for you, and that's a 3' oxer. You are getting so brave you're underestimating the size of the jumps. I love it!

  11. WOW he is looking SO good!! Great job! And he is starting to look like dressage pony may just be in his future after all.

  12. Aww. Isn't it amazing what a good horse can do for a person's confidence? Big things become little and riding is fun again. And how old *is* the "old man" anyways?
    Ps. 2pt Challenge? Totally think us on OTTBs should get gold stars for trying. My guy thought we were closing on the finish line last night. :)

  13. Congratulations! I do love a chestnut TB!

    The two of you are very well suited for each other, you make a very attractive pair. And your partnership is great, I can see the confidence in both of you just from the pictures!

  14. Cuna's coat really does look amazing! What gorgeous color and shine. Testimony, I think, to good care, good exercise and that secret ingredient known as "love." You two are looking like a super team.

  15. Hi! I'm a long time reader, first time commenter.
    LOVE reading about your increasing confidence, and your lovely red boy. I've been trying to motivate myself to start jumping again... and this blog has given me a few ideas of how to start (i.e. get a horse like Cuna)

    1. Cuna ftw!! When you have the right horse, it really is fun.

  16. HOW did I miss this post of yours?! Congratulations to you, pretty lady, and your new pretty pony. He shines like a bright copper penny:) You both look so happy, doing just what you should be. I'm so happy for you!

  17. Fantastic pictures! I would have never thought to try a brown fly mask on a chestnut, but it looks super cute on him.

  18. CONGRATS on making Cuna yours officially! :D I'm so happy for you that you found the perfect horse for you and that you were able to buy him. :) I LOVE the pictures, especially the jumping one because your smile says it all. Go team Cuna!!


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