Friday, May 4, 2012

The Great Boot Dilemma

Cuna is deeply distressed by this wardrobe issue
Cuna is a chestnut. I happen to think he looks adorable in chocolate brown (though if anyone wants to give me a navy fly bonnet and polos, I wouldn't complain).

My boots are all black to go with Izzy.

Clearly, this is a problem. 

The most obvious solution is to just order some of the lovely, lovely Kentucky Solimbra boots. 
Tell me you don't want these. Sex-ay!
There are only a few drawbacks.
1) They are pretty new to the US, so there aren't many reviews available as to fit and durability. 
2) They are way too cool to ever be carried by my local feed store, so I'll never get to touch one. 
3) Minor detail: a full set would run in the neighborhood of $500. 

Yes, $500 boots to jump around BN at local, un-recognized shows. Even my ridiculous lil' tack whoring self really can't stomach that. Even if I could, $500 on boots is not happening in my wallet any time soon. 

So... Plan B. 

The truth is, even if I could afford and justify the beautimous boots, they are way too spendy to use every day. Let's face it folks: I ride at home all the time. I almost never show (see also: dirt poor). It makes more sense to buy cute boots to play with at home then it does to splurge on fancy show-only things. 

Cute but not "to-die-for"
That brings us to a more wallet-friendly option. The dover sport boots I could probably get home with shipping for around $50 for all four. I have seen them on a super classy chestnut before, and it was a good look. 

Problems: they aren't all cool and shock absorby and fleece+weeds and cheat grass seeds in the summer=fail. 

That said, they would be just fine for dressage and arena jumping year round. They would match Cuna's super cute fly bonnet and probably hold up reasonably well. If I decide I feel rich or hate Dover (or both!), there are other options in the same style by other manufacturers. 

At some point though, you're all going to point out that being wallet friendly is really over rated. After all, this is the girl that bought Equifit Tboots for a horse that was jumping cross rails specifically because "they looked cute". 

That excuse has justified way more things for me than it probably should. 

I'm a bit at odds, which is weird for me when I'm boot shopping. I LOVE LOVE LOVE boots and bridles and I usually know all the options. It's just that I've never put "brown" on my list of must-haves before. I was more concerned with things like "airflow" and "heat trapping" and "shock absorption". 

Definitely not brown
To that end, I'm curious about the Premier Equine Air Cooled Eventing boots. They are a cool design and I like their technical specs. They are also a much more affordable $180 for a full set (and I bet you money I can do better if I seriously shop for them). Steph has a brand new set that I'm trying to convince her need to be broken in at Golden Spike next weekend, maybe by a giant chestnut gelding... 

The best option for me might be to get the cheapie dover botos to play dressage and be at home with and then look at getting these for our upcoming (omg!) shows. 

I have almost reconciled myself to that idea. It's just that every time I think I have a plan, I picture the solimbras on Cuna and swoon a little bit. 

Anyone know of brown XC boots costing less than $500? 


  1. Eskadron's XC comes in brown:

  2. I used the Kentucky boots last fall when I groomed and had Michael Pollard give me "the hard sell" on them. They are great boots. The material is water proof and it takes a serious amount of soaking to get them to hold any water (as in over an hour). They feature really cool technology to help with shock absorption. I have also groomed using the Premiers. Great boots as well. I don't like the hind boots as much as the fronts. You could also look into the Delmar boots. I like the Delmars better than Premiers, personally. But you can't go wrong with either.

    My novice pony (who was trouble and a half to fit!) went in woof boots. The two (wider) straps up front and the four (skinnier) straps behind. Or maybe it was the three (skinnier) straps up front and two (wider) straps behind. Sorry, I don't remember it's been six months since I've used them. Anyway, I found that at that level the woof boots did a good job.

    Also, do you know that the dover boots come without the fleece in neoprene and brown? Finally if you have a Dover sale catalog, you can get the boots cheaper if you spend a certain amount of money and you receive the boots at a discounted "gift" price. (just a little heads up in case you didn't know!)

    Sorry for the rambling nonsense!

  3. I literally HATE my dover boots. I would never ever get them again or recommend the, to my fellow tack whoring friend. Seriously. They don't hold up to wear and tear, in the winter they freeze, the fleece is hot and sticks to everything...on and on

    As for the second pair, I have WANTED those FOREVER. Buy me a pair too? ;D

    1. You get me an ecogold, I'll get you boots.

    2. I feel like it should be the other way around. Or not. Actually scratch that I'm cool with this.

  4. Why does Cuna need boots?

    1. The practical reason for needing boots is that they are an easy way to prevent accidents. Steph is paranoid about them because she's had horses slice their tendons up with their own feet before.

      But as to why I need brown boots? Is that even a question? I'm a ho. That's how it goes.

    2. I only ask because I see every low level eventer does the boot thing. I have heard Peter say he hates boots. I guess since I am the opposite of a tack ho I am always questioning if certain things are necessary or not. I used to ride Steady in boots every ride because he brushed his front ankles all the time. But after he became fit and I talked to my farrier and he started trimming him differently he hasn't done it since so I never use boots anymore. I guess I was just wanting to know if there was a specific reason behind it or if it was just in case. I mean I may be a bare necessity kinda gal but if it comes to my horses safety or health I will spare no expense. Oh my, sorry for the book.

  5. Woof boots will always be my first choice in eventing water proof dry fast you can do a quick spray to clean, these are lower level boots, novice level. The dover boots I would only use for dressage as they look amazing but are on brushing purposes and no support. I personally have looked into the delmar eventing boots for my own horse but I am still in woof boots at training level and need to move onto some REAL event boots. uhg but it must happen!

  6. I have the dover boots and like them for at home hacking and every day use. They are easy to use, wash and dry :)

  7. I've gone through many pairs of those Dover boots. After less than a year they start cracking and falling apart and the velcro stops working, which is annoying. So last time I bought boots I splurged and got the Euro Pro version and I am so much happier with them. Just in case that helps with the decision at all.

    1. Good to know. I was hesitant because I suspected they suck, but I like your timeline. I'll wait for the pricier ones then.

  8. Black doesn't look THAT bad on a chestnut.

  9. These would look SUPER cute for stadium and jumper classes

  10. For XC, I would look into the Nunn Finer "American-style" eventing boots. The front ones have kevlar inserts to protect the tendon, and the back ones have kevlar to protect the cannon bone. They don't absorb water and I've never had them rub. Mine have worn well. Yes, they only come in black, but black looks pretty good on a chestnut too! :)

  11. So glad it all came together for Izzy! Yay!

  12. Look at the Eskadrons, they have lots of options (airflow vents, memory foam, etc.) and they all come in brown. If you don't have the Dover sale catalog, let me know and I can give you the codes.

  13. I'm boot shopping right now too. My old boots don't fit my new horse, and I've been looking at Woofs...but also watching that Ecogold axe youtube and dreaming pricey dreams. You know, because of all the dangers of pre-BN levels. ;) Hope you keep posting about this - love your judgement and we have the same dirt-poor status.

  14. I have no experience with the Moxie Boots but I just saw that they have brown and thought you might be interested in looking at them:

  15. If you're still looking, I use the Premiers on McKinna (with fleece-lined bells in front, cause she overreaches when we gallop sometimes) and I really, really like them. They're light, easy to deal with, they've held up well, her legs are always cool when I take them off, and I appreciate the presence of the tendon guard on the front legs and cannon bone guard on the hinds. It's hand on a horse who's happy to thwack a fence with a leg if she comes into it weird.

    The Premier Equine website often has really good deals on closeout boots, sometimes good enough to make it worth it despite the overseas shipping. It's

    Though I don't think SmartPak prices are that bad...


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