Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Treasure Hunt!

Fun comes in bags!
Steph was back in the barn today and she brought with her a very exciting thing: trash bags!

Specifically, trash bags full of all kinds of interesting things for me to sort through. I tell myself I'm not just nerding out like a ridiculousl lil' tack 'ho. It's educational to handle all different types and brands of items. It helps me learn without spending money.

Let's face it: it's also just plan fun.

The most exciting thing I found was this gem: an very expensive Antares helmet in brand new condition still in the bag, in my size.

For those of you who don't track current trends, this is one of those "it" items right now that tons of international competitors are wearing.

Omg! I'm Richard Spooner!
I was baffled as to why it fit me--I have a certifiably giant oval head and Steph has a small, round head.

Obviously I had to try it on a take a picture.

Let's just not talk about how many tries it takes me to do a self portrait with a touch screen phone. Kind of embarrassing.

I got all the things sorted into appropriate piles and will take a giant heap of things in for consignment tomorrow. Or Thursday. Or some day in the near future in which I am not so hopelessly overbooked that I don't know what to do with myself. Ha! Let me know if you hear of a day like that.

Poor Cuna got shafted--everything else I was doing took too long and I didn't have time to ride. I'm sure he was very resentful as I fed him about 3 pounds of carrots and petted him and told him what a handsome man he was.


  1. It's funny because I love almost all things Antares and have quite the collection, but I don't like that helmet lol!

  2. Are you going to be able to keep the little helmet gem?! :)

  3. My greedy little fingers are just itching to dig through those bags, I'm not going to lie....

  4. Piles of horse stuff are like piles of gold. I've got plastic bins in my garage full of things I'll never use again (maroon and white polka-dotted saddleseat double-bridle anyone?) but just keep anyway for no good reason.

  5. I need to do some serious spring cleaning both in the barn and around the house. Big plastic garbage bags are a treasure and I fill them with clothes to donate.

    Horse stuff? Waiting for the next tack sale....

  6. So jealous! Do you get to keep any of it?? Either way, that looks like fun!

  7. That looks awesome :) Love the helmet.

  8. Congrats on the rare find lol. I'm with the others . . . do you get to keep it?


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