Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wherein We Shop

Case in point
Obviously, if one gets a new horse, none of the tack from one's previous horse will fit it at all. If it does "fit", it will be completely inappropriate for the beastie in question. I've mostly avoided doing too much shopping for Cuna. You might think that's because I was poor, having to pay bills on two horses, but actually it's because I didn't have a saddle for him (and I was/am poor).

The saddle is the starting point. It's the most expensive piece of tack (at least, it should be) and everything else has to fit in around it. I like my tack to match and look good together, but I don't want to expend too much effort on it until I know what centerpiece I'm dealing with.

I am re using old pics because Cuna hates photoshoots
In my quest to find things to try out, I did come across a lovely fly bonnet. I'm terrible at visualizing anything, so it helps me to see the colors in action, if you will.

There is exciting news, though.

I scraped together a dismally small amount of money and bought Cuna a saddle. It's not the CWD or Antares of my dreams, but both of those are hopelessly out of my price range for now and the one I ended up with (get this), I WAS ACTUALLY ABLE TO RIDE IN BEFORE BUYING.

That has never happened before, ever. I do not live in a place with good tack stores, and so the whole ride-before-you-buy thing is laughably absent from my world. I've always had to do lots of research and make logical deductions and then just make blind leaps. Reason #495769875 I love being with a trainer: sometimes, she has clients that want to sell things and I can play with them.

The saddle, day one
The saddle in question is a Jimmy Wofford XC saddle made by a company in England with the initials H&S. I forget their name. Anyways. It was brand new, never even been sat in. I wasn't too sure about it at first--it seemed awfully narrow and slick and the leather was kind of icky.

I hemmed and hawed, but the owner let me put stirrups on it and ride and see what I thought.

I liked the balance--it was similar to my beloved ainsley (which is hiding in my garage in case Cuna gets really freaking wide all of a sudden), but it was actually designed to fit shark-fin-
Saddle now oiled and pretty
withered TBs. Oh Jimmy. You are wonderful.

After a pretty serious oiling, it came out as quite a nice color, and I realized that the problem was less crappy leather and more just plain new leather, which I have never had before. It's softening up beautifully. Conveniently, it also looks fabulous with my event bridle and breast collar that happen to fit Cuna quite nicely.

You know what this means: MORE MONEY FOR ACCESSORIES!!!!!!

I do have a shopping list for Cuna, though unfortunately not the budget to indulge myself just yet. Look for our results in the (hopefully) near future as I come up with cool things like:
-Saddle pads
-Biting arrangements
-Fly equipment
-Hair/coat care products
-Supplements (cuz you want your horse to shine like Cuna)


  1. Just remember the "deranged monkey." All the super looking tack is not going to make you the best rider in the world. That is all up to you. Lots of work ahead, but I know you're up to it.

    Just have fun and give super Cuna an extra hug from me.

    1. i tottaly agree! I cant wait to see you guys in action

    2. I have no illusions that it will make me a better rider, but when someone catches Cuna as he gallops away from my fallen corpse, I want them to say, "Damn. That is a well-turned-out horse."

      Vain? Yes.

    3. Oh Sprinks, you are hilarious.

  2. Yay for new saddle! I know it's not exactly what you want but it will tide you over. It looks pretty comfy and that's all that really matters. :)

  3. Ooo, good saddle, kudos. Is that Ainsley a MW????

  4. Bahaha, I love this: "But when someone catches Cuna as he gallops away from my fallen corpse, I want them to say, 'Damn. That is a well-turned-out horse.'" I feel that I must agree. If they can say nothing else about me and my performance, at least they can say we had good turnout!

  5. That saddle looks like a nice fit for Cuna :)

  6. I really like that saddle! Excellent find!!

  7. LOL @ vain comment. Kudos on the saddle luck! I've never even heard of that saddle, but Jimmy Wofford does say in his books that he prefers horses with withers, so it make sense.

  8. LOL! I love you turn out comment. I doubt Cuna would ever leave you a corpse though. He's too good for that. ;D

    Congrats on the new saddle! That's totally awesome!


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