Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Cuna and I are actually (knock on wood) going to compete at some events this year. In order to do our best, we need to be in peak physical condition. I'm making sure he does plenty of trot sets and gallops (oh, the agony), but I need to do my part too.

Independently, I am running with my dogs. I am going to actually start doing pilates again (tonight!) and maybe I'll even eek out some space in my schedule to get back to class.


Cuz I want to ride like this all the time
I need some serious saddle fitness. I need to be able to go out on XC and not feel like I'm going to die, either because of a weak position or a lack of strong muscles. With that in mind, I have painstakingly* crafted:


The point (haha, I'm funny) is to track your improvement in time in your ability to maintain a two point position on a moving horse at the trot and canter. In order to participate, you must have a baseline score. This is so that we can level the playing field.

My baseline time is 6 minutes. That is the amount of time I am comfortable in two point before I get so freaking bored that I just can't do it anymore. Someone just starting out in this particular drill might have a time of 2 minutes or something. The point isn't how long you can go at the start--it's how much you improve over the month.

Here goes. I will work on this for the rest of the month and see where I'm at. Two point at the trot and canter, doing ring figures and transitions.

Care to join? Not only will you have an objective measure of the improvement in your riding fitness, I will also link to you on my blog (and even put up a picture if you want it). I can't pretend that I'm famous enough for that to really matter, but it is kind of cool.


Me and Cuna

Rinsie and Reveille 

TBA and Jetta 

L. Williams and Carlos 

Your name here. ;-)

*When I say "painstakingly", I mean "Rinsie will get this figured out and post it publicly in the near future". Math is not my forte.


  1. I want to participate! I was just thinking about how I need to improve and was planning a two-point ride tonight :) Great idea!

  2. That sounds like a great idea! Although I think I will have to sit it out because I don't think two-point and western saddles go together very well. I have a feeling the horn would stab me...Right now I wish I had an English saddle so I could give it a go.

  3. If I can do it in a dressage saddle, I am so in!

  4. OK I will play. I need some details clarified, are we talking in two point non stop? Also does that mean NO touching the saddle with your bum? Like if you go down rebalance ance and come back up do we restart the time.

  5. I'm a wuss or I'd add my name in the mix...

  6. : ) I'm game! Moon and I were gonna, this seems like a great way to get going! : ) But I'm pretty sure I'll have a baseline of 30 seconds!! 6 minutes is INSANE!

  7. Count me in! My mare and I are conditioning for a hunter pace later this month, so the two point challenge is perfect!!

  8. Maybe. If I get a horse I can trot on for that long - Don isn't really a candidate for trot and canter sets and won't be all summer.

  9. Sounds like a great idea. Recently I took my saddle out of the tackroom and into the horse trailer so I have to ride bareback for a few weeks. Always look for ways to improove.

    Galloping horses is a lot like two point, but not exactly. Shorter irons, unless you ride a little long. The old expression at the track, 'the longer you ride, the longer you ride.'

  10. Aww I wish I could join, but I don't have a horse that's old enough or fit enough to ride. I get to start riding Chrome for the first time this month, but he's only three and there's no way he could do that. Oh well. I look forward to seeing everyone's progress. :)


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