Friday, May 18, 2012

Jump Lesson Video

I'll preface this by saying that I really can't watch someone ride and video them. It's all I can do to keep the horse in the frame. The fact that Steph can teach a lesson and video is actually pretty impressive.

Without further ado, here's video our jump lesson on Wednesday. The jump you can't see because Steph is standing next to it is actually the super scary gate that we had a stop at.

After that go round, we tried again. This time, I can actually make the bending line. :-)

Throughout this whole lesson, I felt comfortable, confident, and just the right amount of challenged.


  1. You guys look great! Your leg looks awesome! :)

  2. Lookin' good! Very confident.

    My only critique is that you really should have matched your shirt to Cuna's saddle pad and fly bonnet. Tsk, tsk! ;D

    1. I know!! I hadn't counted on it being that hot and -all- the saddle pads being dirty. Coordination fail.

  3. You guys look fabulous! You have improved so much in such a short time. Keep on keeping on and I know you guys will be out on XC with confidence soon.

  4. That does look like fun! Exactly what you! Steph knows exactly how to build both your confidence and your skills in her lessons. She is a wonderful teacher for you.

  5. Wow that's a tricky little course! You guys navigated quite well, and Mr. Cuna is so cute and spunky! =)


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