Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Almost There

 Logged in today to see this. Yes, I had 66000 page views of 660 posts. How fun!

Steph is at her summer barn, so Cuna and I are prepping for our first ever horse trials together all by our onesies. Monday was a light hack to get him loose and bending. Tuesday we galloped the ridge line to practice our brakes. Today was our last jump school before the trials. Tomorrow we snag another dressage lesson with Cuna's old owner, and Friday will be another light hack to keep him supple.

I was a little nervous to jump today. It was a week since we'd done it last and I was in kneepatch breeches. We did an easy warm up since it's supposed to be a "light" day. (Hard work yesterday and tomorrow). Cuna was just as bendable and pliable as I've ever seen him and he was happy to go forward. It was baking hot, so I felt a little weak, but I got myself together and pointed at a fence.

Balance? Check.

Leg on? Check.

Hands steady? Check.

And it was great. I was balanced over him. I remembered to engage my core and fold at the hips as he took me to the fences. The brakes seem to be working (though I'm a little concerned that they won't be enough out there... eek).

I anticipate great things in dressage tomorrow. In no time at all, we'll be doing this again:


  1. Yay for a good jump school! Nothing like it to boost the confidence. You guys are going to be great this weekend - can't wait to read post-show report. Have fun!

  2. It's posts like these that convince me that you're so close to getting over your fear of jumping completely. It's been so exciting to follow that transformation!

  3. I think I'm almost as excited as you are for you to go to this show!

  4. Sounds like a great jump school - what a way to set yourselves up for success this weekend! Hope the dressage lesson goes fabulously well today, and then you'll be off! So excited for you!

  5. Good luck this weekend! You two are going to be awesome, I just know it. You are so inspiring to me, in a lot of ways :)

  6. Can't wait to hear how the show goes! So excited for you!


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