Thursday, September 13, 2012


Ok, so much to my surprise, my mom managed to snag some pictures of Cuna and I at the show despite having a new-to-her camera and a sum total of no working batteries. I don't know how she conned it into taking pictures, but she got a couple of decent shots. 

Here goes! Cuna and I are approaching jump #1 in the 2'9" class. This is actually the highest he and I have jumped together in competition. It rode great, and honestly doesn't look too big in the pictures, so I think we're game to have another go when I can afford shows again.

Note: when I say "it rode great", I mean the course was flowing and I was adequately challenged without feeling overfaced. I do not mean that I rode horribly well this round, unfortunately.

After jump 1, we do a hard right rollback to jump two, the white oxer. This is the one that I thought would get me jumped out of the tack, but it actually went fine.

Go Cuna!

And jumping out of the triple! This was our super awkward triple, where I put three in the two and one in the one (are there extra points for inconsistency?). Still. At this point, we had gotten our acts together and we look ok.

I actually like a lot of things about my position. There is a straight line from elbow to bit, my back is flat, my eyes are up, and my leg appears to be in a decent position. Maybe I've finally started resetting my positional defaults to something not-horrifying to see in person. Yay!

In the foreground, you see the barrel oxer. They put the rail up and squared it in our next class so it could be jumped either direction. Hence, you see why I was not upset with Cuna about pulling a rail when tired and running downhill. It was a substantial jump and a lot of people had trouble getting over it. I don't recall anyone falling, but there were many refusals and quite a lot of rails down.

On looking at the picture, I actually wonder if Cuna might have pulled the rail because he thought he remembered how tall it was and didn't think they'd raised it. Huh. Maybe? We were genuinely exhausted though, so I'm sure that was it.


  1. You two look lovely!
    On a side note about combinations, I think we could probably go head to head in an awkward combination battle. Just the other day, Cadence and I managed to put one stride in a 36 foot combination. I have no idea why... she jumped in beautifully, took a stride, and took off. Either way, she cleared the second fence just fine, but we didn't look near as graceful as you & Cuna coming out of it! Those darn related distances...
    Lovely photos.

  2. Good for your Mom! Mine never really could watch me ride. Her famous remark as I left the house for the barn was, "Don't get hurt on those darn horses." *G*

    You and Cuna did yourselves proud.

  3. Love seeing you guys in action.

  4. Great pics - thanks Mom! You guys look fantastic! Wish my leg looked that nice...

  5. Hooray for pics! =] Looks like a lovely day

  6. You guys look so awesome! Your have a really fantastic release, btw.

  7. Mmm, that 2'9 jump looks pretty substansial! Yay for you and Cuna!

  8. yay for a good show and pictures!! You look good!!

  9. Wow, look at you two. That 2'9" looks pretty dang big to me. But you both look rock solid. Yay!

  10. The barrel oxer looks big, nice ride!
    Smart to pull out when you did, always keep it fun ;)

  11. You guys look great!! You have honestly come so far :) That barrel jump looks awesome.


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