Monday, August 10, 2009

It's away!

My entry form for our first ever show together is in the mail. Izzy's show name is officially (in my mind) Wishful Thinking.

We're going to a local pony club jumper show to do the trot poles classes. Mostly, we're just going to get her out in an arena to see other stuff. Every once in a while, I tell myself we could actualyl win a ribbon, but the truth is, there will probably be scads of little pony clubbers there riding trained horses who will actually go around the course and thereby leave us out of the ribbons.

How exciting! I dunno, I'm excited. Izzy doesn't seem too worried, but she has no idea.

In other news, I made my first ever sales video today. I only did it because my instructor was running out of time and she leaves town tomorrow morning, so I messed with it for a while. Check it out and let me know what you think. I don't know if I'll ever need to make another, but I like feedback.

Also, the horse in the video is Izzy's half brother. Same mommy, different daddies.


  1. Tristan is really cute! He's got a great trot! As far as the sales video, you might want to lead off with some of that trot work (particularly the first time he trots, he looks really good). If you want to show that he leads quietly, you could put the walking piece at the end, but I think you want to lead with a clip that will catch your viewer's eye. Also might want to take out the bit toward the end where he's shaking his head around -- he looks a teensy bit fresh there and that might turn some people off. (Hope you don't mind all my opinions, I love looking at/making sales videos). He's a really cute horse; I am sure you won't have trouble finding a buyer for him. Can you add a clip of him free-jumping?

    And congrats on the first show plans! Hope it's a good experience for your baby!

  2. Well done about putting in your entry - that is a big hurdle - it is for me anyway! :o) I enjoyed the video as well but agree with Marissa's comments. He is lovely!!!!!!


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