Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Going the Right Direction

I lunged Izzy in the "sticky" end of the arena today and she went by with no problems. We mounted without rearing, and then I did lots of walking with her. She tends to shorten up and slow down and slow down and just barely move along, so I worked on getting her to move forward. She does have lovely gaits when she chooses to use them. I also worked on articulating my aids--I've noticed that my body saying whoa and me getting behind the motion to close the back door are eerily similar. Obviously, this was confusing to Izzy.

We still had to deal with the sticky spot while mounted, but it was small today, only about 15 feet instead of the 30 from yesterday. She only got really stuck a few times, and we worked through it, just like yesterday. She got over it admirably well, and we even cantered a few strides on her easy side.

I'm still leery of asking her for much because I still have the most awful headache. I got a standing martingale yesterday off of craigslist. It's the complete breast collar with an attachment. Unfortunately, the attachment was broken and I didn't notice it until I got home. Fortunately, she was good today and I stopped at the tack store on the way home. I got a consignment standing martingale attachment for $5 and figured out how to put it on myself.

Now we're all set for our lesson tomorrow.

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