Sunday, August 16, 2009

Show Results

Unlike our neck ribbon show, we didn't win an award. I didn't mind at all, though. We were just there for the experience.

Due to a dumb gelding (um, I prefer mares. A lot.) running through a fence and putting himself out, Michelle and I got started about a half hour later than we wanted to. We ended up missing the warm up, and as we drove up, we found out that we would be competing inside.

Izzy has never been inside. Or in a show arena by herself.

All things considered, it went really well. She was nervous, but that just adds animation to her already pretty movement. I think we refused one trot pole because she was looking at the sunbeams coming through the window. I was thrilled, needless to say. She didn't offer any major disobediences. She even stood quietly outside the arena for a while, something her mother can't do to this day.

My only complaint was that the pony club kids in our division (admittedly the least advanced) had absolutely no sense about being around horses. They'd just ride their little ponies straight up to my mare, who would pin her ears and try to lunge at them. Like her mother, she doesn't want to be crowded. I'm contemplating sending the show secretary a letter, thanking her for the nice, well run show and recommending that they teach kids in pony club to not ride up behind strange horses. I don't know. Maybe that's a bad idea.

I gave Miss Izzy today off. She may get tomorrow off too, since Cathy will be home and I could have my first day off in like 8 days.


  1. So glad she did so well for you, under such trying circumstances!

  2. It's good that she behaved. If I were you I'd send a letter to the secretary like you mentioned. It wouldn't hurt to inform others on being safe?! I used to ride a mare that hated random horses around her and one hunter show I tied a red ribbon around her tail. She kicked at the other horses (kind of embarassing) but in a sense the other kids were surprised but they should've been paying attention. No one or any of the horses got hurt or anything, but if the kids don't know better to keep their horses away from her, don't you think they'd probubly walk behind her too? It's better to be safe then sorry in my opinion. I'd hate for anyone to get kicked.


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