Friday, August 21, 2009

Izzy Has Spoken -- The great saddle search con't

Let me preface this by saying that I am very familiar with treeless saddles. My instructor has owned the same one for at least ten years. Thus, I know they hold up well even when used hard, because she rides multiple horses a day, pretty much every day in that saddle. I've done quite a few hours in that saddle. It's the only saddle that Cassie, my old mare, will go in. Ellie, a red Hanoverian mare I used to ride, was also partial to it.

All that said, though, I really wanted a treed saddle. I like the extra side-to-side stability. I like to look conventional. There are some truly beautiful treed saddles out there. The thing with treed saddles is that you have to fit them to a particular horse. The the horse changes. Then you need a new saddle.

Anyways, I ran across a treeless saddle that was the same brand as Cathy's, but made for jumping instead of dressage. I've never ridden Izzy in a treeless saddle, so before placing a bid, I tried her in Cathy's saddle this morning.


Yeah... I'm inclined to say something more along the lines of "Omg, the pony trained itself." She was incredible. She was reaching down to the bit, stretching through her topline, and pushing off her hind end. It was like riding a dressage horse, albeit with no lateral flexion just yet. I'm still in somewhat of a state of awe.

So that's that. We're getting a treeless. At this point, I'd be a fool to settle for anything else. I don't want the dressage model, but I also don't exactly have the budget for this:

Anyone want to donate to the "Make Izzy a Happy Pony" fund? Really, tell me if you do. ;-) Also, tell me if you find one used.


  1. Sigh, the dilemma of not having a big enough budget to satisfy our picky horses. My horse loved my trainer's Delgrange, so I just rode in hers for a little while until I found one used on Good luck with the search!

  2. Boy, can I related to saddle shopping. I bet every rider can though. Finding something you both like is tricky. I've never tried a treeless so I'm going to follow along with you. I'm curious about them. Good luck!


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