Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Getting Serious

After a lovely ride this morning, I took a bunch of stuff out of my locker and hauled it to the car. I'm going to take it home this afternoon, clean it, and try to sell it to offset the cost of an expensive new saddle. I've never done this before, and it feels kind of weird. Almost everything I have has some memories attached to it, so it's a little sad to get rid of it. Still, I'm keeping that stuff that I use a lot and the stuff that I'm really attached to. I'm just selling things I don't use, haven't used, and see no reason to use. Maybe tomorrow I'll post some of it here, just in case anyone is interested.

That's my plan, anyways. To afford $$$ saddle on $ budget means that I will sell what I can and buy only necessities for the upcoming semester, as well as trying to work as much as possible. I can afford it, but my bank account looks somewhat dismal afterwards. Still, with a few months of highly disciplined spending, I think I'll be back on track and done buying saddles.

Also, once I get my new saddle, I will try my very hardest to talk someone in to taking pictures of Miss Izzy. This blog really does need more pictures.


  1. Ooh, Pick me! Pick me! :) And congrats on finding the saddle!

  2. Great idea - I'm working on cleaning out my stuff as well - we've had 7 different horses over the past years, and used to do a lot of showing, and the stuff really accumulates, particularly when you have a large trailer tack room to put it all in. I have hopes of E-Bay.


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