Thursday, August 13, 2009

I Hate the Internet

Specifically, I hate it when the tech guys come work on my computer and all of sudden things that worked perfectly don't anymore. Especially when that's coupled with nothing else working any better. Seriously. If I pretended to be a horse trainer, took your horse in the middle of summer (aka the most annoying time of day when you're trying to get stuff done), and brought it back to you with new vices and everything else the same, you'd be pretty annoyed.

So again, I'm sorry I'm not commenting. I really try. I type everything out, hit post, and it asks me what profile I have. I select google, and yeah. Nothing. Doesn't say I need to log in, just eats my post and does nothing.


Anyways, today I borrowed a friend's old saddle. She used to show in it when she was younger, but it doesn't really fit her horses, as she's kinda gotten in to the draft horse thing. At least it's very wide. It sort of fits Izzy. It's too wide for her, so I put a thicker pad on, but of course that's only a temporary fix. It does clear her spine all the way through and it's definitely wide enough. I lunged her for 20 minutes and probably rode another 20, mostly at the walk. It didn't move around and it's comfortable to sit in, so we're borrowing it for a little while. She has no interest in selling, which is great, because it definitely doesn't fit well enough for me to want to buy it.

I'm still waiting for Friday to see the other saddle and wondering what to do. Maybe Miss Izzy will have an introduction to bareback, as that seems less painful than a non-fitting saddle. Or we can do lots of lunging. Or borrow a treeless saddle. I don't know.

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  1. Perhaps you could get your hands on a wintec saddle with a changeable gullet. Also, don't rule out western saddles. Well made ones don't cut into the shoulder and are less likely to dig into her back.


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