Thursday, August 27, 2009

Meet the Critters

Azuzu, named for the gargoyle on Futurama, is our kitty. He's big boned, fat, sweet, and friends with all the neighbors. We don't really know anything about him. He used to be a house cat, got dumped off in the middle of nowhere, showed up at my inlaws house, and has been ours ever since. He's very cuddly and talkative. We think he's middle aged for a cat, but we're not sure. He's a pretty spry guy, though.

This is Clive Stubby Lewis, our Pembroke Welsh Corgi. In this picture, he's on the ranch (my in law's) and he's just killed a mouse. He's a very active and intelligent little guy, so we can't leave him alone for long or he gets into trouble. Especially since we don't have mice around the house to kill. His ears have gone back and forth between flopping over and sticking up. They're flopped here, but they prick up pretty well at home. We've had Lewis since March, and he's now 8 months old. He's probably 6 months in this picture.

I love horses. Brent loves rabbits. Here's Brent with Pope Buniface I, a Champagne d'Argent rabbit. We actually have three Champagnes and a Dutch rabbit... hm, I should put up a picture of her.

This is Heloise, the dutch rabbit. I got her for Brent when Waverly, his first rabbit, died. She's bigger now and lives in a rabbit cage instead of a cat carrier, but I don't have a picture handy. She's the only bunny I've ever held, and I do like her. She's a funny girl.

This is the boys, just hanging out.

Chaucer is my beloved Beagle puppy. Brent got him for me last winter, secretly hoping that Chaucer would be his hunting dog extraordinaire. Unfortunately for him, I was laid off and out of school for Christmas, so Chaucer and I spent hours and hours together. He's now a definite momma's boy with nice manners and a pretty face. He does hunt a little, but mostly when I'm not around. If I try to go, he's too distracted with getting attention to focus.

I don't live with my girls--I'm sadly stuck in the city with a 5 minute commute (walking) and close access to everything. Just because my horses can't be at home, though, doesn't mean our house is animal free.


  1. They're cute animals!!! I'm an animal crazy person, my house will probubly be like that also in the future haha. And thanks for the advice on my blog's posts. :-)

  2. Awwww! I love your beagle! One of my favorite kinds of dogs. He is super cute - love that face!

  3. You think he's cute now! I'll have to post a couple of puppy pictures. He was a darling little baby, too.


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