Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I managed to sneak in a ride Saturday morning before taking off to visit the in-laws. As promised, I pulled out the jumping tack and trooped off to the arena.

We've been doing so well with dressage in our lovely treeless saddle that I think I was afraid I'd lose all that softness and back-lifting and whatnot. My fears were obviously not justified.

Izzy was fabulous! She moved the same as she does with the treeless saddle and we did some basic w/t/c canter work with some lengthen/shortens, leg yields, and even a little bit of shoulder fore thrown in. Then I hopped off and set up a crossrail that was probably about 18".

As I circled to come to the jump, I focused on staying balanced, with my hips pushed back enough to allow my shoulders to come forward and then...

We jumped! It was smooth and rhythmic and easy and fun! We did it a couple times each way, then I let her be done for the day. What a difference all our hard work has made!

Tomorrow should be a jumping day again. I'm excited already.


  1. I'm so glad it went well! I had a feeling it would... Go Izzy Go!

  2. Yay! It feels good to come back after your homework is done and seel the difference.

  3. seel = feel + see. Not to be confused with the marine mammal....

  4. Yay!! Looks like the change in location has done a lot for both you and Izzy. I cant wait to see more pics!!

  5. There is nothing better than sailing perfectly over a jump! Flying without wings!!

  6. Whoohoo!
    Hey...what treeless saddle do u have?

  7. Congrats! Of course, now we demand to see some photographic evidence. ;-)
    Kristen, if you read this, I think she has an Ansur (?).


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