Wednesday, October 6, 2010

That Silly Mare

After yesterday's antics with the farrier and today's continued cool weather, I made a new plan for today. 1) We will put a stud chain on the halter and do some basic ground work. 2) We will tack up and go lunge Ms Mare's butt off in the outdoor. 3) We will have a decent ride and 4) Ms Mare will have about an hour for turnout before I have to leave.

1 went well. I only had to remind Izzy once or twice that she was to STOP when I said stop and not run all over the top of me. She had a very penitent look on her face, too. I think she knew what that was about.

2 started well. She was the best she's ever been in the crossties and I got her put together in good time. I thought about pulling out my cool climatex polos and (normal) bell boots, but I was on a schedule and wrapping takes time. Instead, I clipped on the lunge line and took her across the street to the arenas. I decided to walk her through the aisle next to the indoor becaue we're going to have to start riding in there soon. It seemed like a good decision at the time.

As we turned into the aisle, a cat leaped out and ran almost under Izzy's feet. Izzy is not a fan of cats, things under her feet, or dark aisles, so she leaped sideways. Her left foreleg slammed into the side of the indoor. She wouldn't even put weight on her right leg.

Oooooooh. I made her walk down the aisle anyways when she decided she apparently hadn't broken her leg off. In fact, she seemed ok. We went to the outdoor and I watched her go around on the lunge line. She was sound. Thank God. When I stopped her, I noticed blood on her leg. She also noticed it, so she stuck her nose in it and looked at me like, "I can't work today. I'm clearly about to bleed to death."

I didn't quite believe her, but it did merit further inspection and I didn't really want to get sand in a bloody wound, so we walked back to the barn, untacked, and then cold-hosed her leg for about 10 minutes. A closer inspection revealed that she skinned the back of her right front fetlock, but there was nothing dangling and there wasn't really much blood.

I turned her out in the pasture and she ambled off, munching grass.

Izzy 1, Aimee 0


  1. Oh good grief....glad she is OK.

    Any way to get them to turn her out now and then when you are not there? Seems to me she'd benefit from some more turnout.

  2. Sorry for the blood - at least she's OK so far!

  3. Stupid cats! They are always getting underfoot. We nearly squashed one the other night who was deep into giving itself a bath and didn't see the huge horse running backward towards it (we had a scary moment on the cross-ties). Glad it only seems to be a minor injury. I can just picture the "I can't possibly work like this" look on her face.


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