Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jumping Day Take II

We jumped again on Tuesday. I confess... it was cold (like 35 f) and windy, so I set a couple jumps in the indoor to get out of the wind. It's fabulous that I pretty much have the place to myself. I set the jumps and turned the lights on to warm up, then went and got Izzy ready, then came back and the whole setup was just waiting for me. Sweet! (I know, jumping alone isn't safe.)

Anyways. She warmed up pretty well. I asked for a little more angle in the shoulder fore and she totally fell apart. I brought her back to walk and broke it down for her, then tried again in trot and she was fabulous! That was pretty exciting. I'm doing a lot of lengthen/shorten type work because both as a dressage horse and a jumper, she needs to be adjustable. I try to bring her back to the shortest and most collected canter she can possibly hold, and then ride her forward out of it so she doesn't lose her balance and break to trot. She seems to be getting the hang of it.

I set a little 18" crossrail and about a 2'3" vertical. We haven't jumped a vertical in ages, so even though it's super tiny, it looked absolutely MASSIVE to me. Lame, but true. Izzy totally demolished the crossrail the first time we went over--even the standards hit the ground. Apparently, she didn't think we could jump indoors.

I hopped off, fixed the jump, and we tried again. Much better! She went over it nicely both directions, so I convinced myself taht I really wanted to jump the vertical and pointed her at it. She backed off a bit as we came in, so I put extra leg on and clucked to her, and over we went.

Except we knocked it down. I think I sat down early (bad habit) which made her knock it.

Anyways. It was fabulous and fun. It was also our last jump until this coming Sunday when we have a real and actual jumping lesson!!

I will try to get pictures on here again soon... been too lazy/busy lately.


  1. Since I ride alone by myself almost every ride (especially during the week), I always keep my cell phone in my pocket, just in case of major emergency. Sounds like your ride was a success! I so remember that feeling of the jumps looking huge when I started jumping Tucker because I hadn't done it in so long. Your eye will adjust again, don't worry. Can't wait to hear about your lesson!

  2. agreed with the cell phone. I have always managed to break limbs in the presence of others, but would not want to be helpless if something happened while alone. Yay for all the jumnping success! I bet you will be loving that indoor in a few months ;)

  3. Haha, I have a feeling Miles will be knocking down more than his share of crossrails, if our ground pole work is any indication:)

    Glad you had fun!! Her flat work sounds like it's really coming along.

  4. Aside from the safety issue, one of the other big problems with jumping practice on your own is that having to dismount to fix the jumps that fall, or set up new patterns/distances as you need them.

    Izzy's knocking things down is typical in the learning curve. She'll get the hang of it soon.

  5. I am not looking forward to a long winter of indoor-only riding but I suppose it's imminent, living in New England and all! I am glad you had a fun ride, I am just as bad about riding alone though we don't jump often at all...yet ;)


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