Friday, October 1, 2010


As of 1pm this afternoon, we are officially all out of our old place and settled into the new barn. I was quite impressed with how well Izzy did. I put her in the stall while I labeled my feed bin and did a few moving-in things.

This is the barn we're in. The picture above is a converted dairy barn that the owner's horses live in.
Her stall: (Why yes, we're number 1. )
I gave her a handful of senior with her new ulcer meds just to see if she would eat them (and I figured double-dosing on a stressful day wouldn't hurt) and she gobbled them up. They don't look appetizing (brown powder), but they smell like caramel.
Her view from inside the stall down the row looks like this:
A new horse moves in next to her Monday. All the other stalls are full. Oh, and there's a very-productive apple tree across the parking lot.
Happy ponies. While I unloaded tack, I decided to turn Izzy out. Nothing usually settles her down like green grass and open space. To do that, we had to walk down this aisle.
And turn her out in a lovely, green place with shade trees and safe fencing (smooth wire and electric.)
It worked. Happy pony.

The goofy mare missed me, though. How weird is that? I didn't think she was that attached. She was pretty happy for about 20 minutes while I set up. Then she started whinnying every time I was out of sight. I went over to see her.

She waited for me, then walked next to me by the fence.

I went in and wandered around with her for a while, then put her back on the halter and we went exploring. I didn't take my camera for this part, so I'll take more pictures tomorrow or Monday. We went across the road, by the other horses, into the indoor arena (which apparently isn't that scary), through the dark aisle (which was a little scary), by both the outdoor arenas, and even stopped to chat with a boarder who was excited to find out that we'd love to go trail riding with her.

Good times.


  1. Aaaaawwww! Izzy looks quite content in her new digs. I'm so glad that you found a great barn that meets all of your needs -- that is a rare gem, indeed (especially since it's actually affordable)! Can't wait to hear more about the new place and see more pics. :-)

  2. Glad the move went well - it must be a relief to have that over with!

  3. How cute that she was worrying about where you were. That sometimes happens in a new place. You were the only thing she knew--her comfort zone and I bet she needed the reassurance that you were not abandoning her. She loves you!! *G*

    The place looks great. I'm looking forward to more pictures.

  4. Aww, yay you! That place is beautiful and it sounds like a perfect fit. Izzy is going to be a happy, happy girl.

  5. Nice looking place there. Izzy looks happy about it too. Here's hoping her new neighbor is another happy horse and easy to get along with.

  6. YAY!!! Izzy looked quite happy going for a roll in her new turnout pasture. Glad you will have some time to adjust before winter starts in.

  7. Congrats! So glad the move went well!

  8. Thats awesome! Looks like a great place - lovely grass!!!!! JEALOUS! Sam was the same when I moved him to his new digs in Townsville - would only last about 5min out of sight and then whinny and pace the fence until I came back into view. He would also follow the car down the driveway when I left and when I arrived follow the car back up. They do settle down eventually.
    Great one of Izzy rolling!

  9. All moved in! That is so great. It looks like a nice place to me. I especially love how when she is in her stall she can see everyone else. isn't it cute the way she whinnied at you!? YouARE her herd after all. It gave me the warm fuzzes. This past weekend I saw an Oldenburg (4 of them actually) in person for the first time ever. Verrrrry pretty.


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