Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tall Boot Gripes

I want nice tall boots. I have a pair that I got really cheap; the foot sort of fits and the leather is so cheap that I'm afraid if Izzy ever spooked even a little while I was riding, I'd just slip off.

Here's the problem. I have absolutely no idea what size I wear in American sizes. I know I'm a 40 European--both my Vibram's and my ballroom shoes are 40s. I have no idea what size my calf is, either. I measured a couple months ago and thought I was 17.5. Then I measured a couple days ago and was 16.5. It's possible I lost an inch in my calves despite running more, but it's more likely that I don't know how to measure.

So anyways. My best bet is just to go to the local tack store, get measured, and try some on to make sure I like the fit and the leather quality, but I don't really have money to throw at it right no, so I'd just be wasting the time of the nice salesperson who would not get any commission.

That is, I would have some money for it, but I have two pairs of Kerrits breeches and a pair of Ariat half chaps on the way from the Dover clearance section.


  1. 40 is a 9.5 US size. You do need to try the boots for calf size. I do love the Mountain Horse boots because the wider calf size is really good for me. The boots are well made, and soft from the first wearing. And, they have zippers. Got some good deals on Ebay.

    My tack store will match any advertised price, so if I found the same boots for less on the Internet, all I have to do is print up the ad and take it in to them. Maybe your local stores would do the same???????????

  2. Ahh, tall boots are torture. They never fit right when you buy them, you have to wear the crap out of them until the leather conforms to your leg, or your leg conforms to them... whichever happens first. I have scars from breaking in tall boots, no lie. Going to the tackstore to get fitted and try on is a good idea (and remember that they should feel a bit too tight and too tall before they're broken in). Once you know the size you need, scout out Ebay for good deals. I always buy my boots on Ebay, I've never paid more than $250 for them (Ariat Maestros, brand new). If you feel guilty about the salespersons time, just buy something else from them, lol!

    Your calves can change size dramatically, even during the same day. Mine swell if I sit for too long, when it's hot or if I have too many beers. Then my tall boots cut off my circulation. Very uncomfortable. I've been told that zippers help alleviate that problem, but I've never had boots with zippers.

  3. I was going to tell you exactly what Jean said. After lots of comparative shopping I decided Mountain Horse dress boots were the best deal for the money. I was lucky in that I ordered mine in from the mid US (I'm in Eastern Canada) and they fit like a charm. When I went to buy my husband a pair for showing I shopped some more and ended up getting him a mens' version of the same thing.
    Although I haven't used them, the soles have ridges and you can get stirrup pads that match up to hold your foot from losing the stirrup.
    I find wearing tall boots a real pain when I'm not on the horse. When I'm on, they're great! Good luck.

  4. I haven't worn tall boots in yeeeaaars, since I only subject myself to that torture for shows. I have the calves of an Eastern European shot-putter, so I am much hapier in my Ariat paddock boots/half-chaps. But when I eventually start showing again, I'll (hopefully) get customs.

  5. ahhh those dover clearance sales. they get me every time!

  6. Call around and ask the tack stores if they have a lay-away system. Sometimes 10% down is all that is required. Lay-away usually has no interest charges. Some offer 90 days same as cash. Sure you may have to wait a little while, but good things come to those who wait...

    You can also go to the local store like Target, Wal-Mart, etc. where it is help yourself... Try on sandals or slippers to find your shoe size. You don't have to buy anything or feel bad about a sales persons commission.

    Then you can go online and scout good deals. Ebay, Tack Trader, Dover, Dressage Extensions, Tack of the Day... Keep an eye out for what you want and scoop it up when you find it.

  7. good luck. tall boots are my arch nemesis and I will probably never actually have a pair :(


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