Friday, October 22, 2010

Where Izzy is a Good Pony

As I mentioned in the last post, my friend (and blog reader!) M came out to see Izzy with me yesterday. She would have come sooner, but she lives in a different state, which complicates pony trips. Here is a picture she took of me warming up Izzy for her.
I wanted to post it to prove that I do not always sit in a chair seat, though my hands are apparently still in my lap. Nuts. I thought I was doing better there.

Here is M on Izzy. She is only the 5th person to ever ride my wonder pony and the first to get a leg up on her. Izzy was kind of surprised, but quite good.

And they're off!
M used to have her own horse and ride a ton, but now she is stuck riding my mare here and there. Nice basics, though.
Izzy was super cute about the whole thing. She figured out that M wasn't 100% sure what she was doing, so she just played dumb and pretended she didn't know how to trot. Pretty funny, really.
It was so fun to watch the two of them. I almost never get to see Izzy go (since I'm riding) and she has grown up so much. I never thought she'd be a horse I could put someone on, but she was amazing yesterday.

Finally, we get a trot!
Not terribly forward, but calm and relaxed. Then we go the other way...
You may notice one of the other boarders in the background riding here. This officially marks the first time I have ever ridden in the arena with someone else at this facility.
There she is not in the background. Quite easy to share an arena with; she's good at steering. They're schooling 2nd level dressage.

Back to our stars:
I didn't make M ride her over the bridge, but she dismounted in a new place and then we led Izzy over the bridge and around the track. She was quite good throughout. I'm proud of her. (And YAY for seeing M!)


  1. Great pictures. Izzy is so beautiful. Glad things are going well and that you nipped the herb bound thing in the bud.

  2. It's always fun to see your horse go - nice pictures and good Izzy!

  3. Aw, she looks great! I'm so glad she's turning into a little packer. That is definitely the sign of a good horse! She looks extra beautiful in the photos you've posted recently by the way, she's so dark and sleek and shiny.

  4. So nice when your young horse is good for another rider like that. Shows both a good disposition and some solid training...even if she did "forget" how to trot. *LOL* Smart cookie, that Izzy.

  5. What a good girl :) Nice pictures of Izzy working - she looks great!

  6. She is just gorgeous and clearly was taking good care of your friend. what a nice mare :)

  7. These pictures are so gorgeous, of the horses, the sky, the ring, everything. Isn't it fun to see someone else on your horse?


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