Thursday, November 4, 2010


Here's a picture of some of the fall colors at the barn:
It's been absolutely gorgeous here--cool overnight, but in the 60s or 70s doing the day. Unfortunately, the leaves are finally starting to fall.

Here's the aisleway that Izzy and I walk down to get to the turnouts.

My fancy new leathers and irons. (And yes, the leathers are now nylon-lined. Yikes.)

Gorgeous bridle and breastcollar:

And of course, my beloved fuzzies at home:

Aren't they so cute all snuggled together?

Huh. I was going to put some other pictures up, but blogger changed something about the uploading and I'm having trouble figuring it out. The pictures used to be in reverse order, one on top of the other, but now they're all crammed in side by side and if I try to cut and paste, more than one disappears. So weird.


  1. That last photo is too cute for words! I would never leave the house if I had that beagle face at home. And of course, Miss Izzy is gorgeous as well.

    And yes, blogger has been wonky lately. I wrote a whole post last night and when I went to publish it, the only thing that saved was the opening line!! Doh.

  2. Posting pics is still a pain.

    They do seem to post more now where you put the cursor, but I still find myself having to drag them into position and sometimes can't even get them lined up the way I want to with my text.

    Regardless, the farm looks great with that lovely lane. And your "fuzzies" are adorable!!

  3. Oh blogger can be so naughty. The pictures you posted were VERY COOL and I loved looking at the. it all looks so horsey and perfect. Are those beagles? I am such a sucker for a hound dog.


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