Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Where I Actually Ride

When I showed up at the barn yesterday, late afternoon, Izzy was already turned out and had been for a while. Nonetheless, when a tumbleweed blew down the road, she took off bucking and galloping and playing. She's really not scared or tense or anything--she's just so freaking happy it's ridiculous. You'd have to see her face. The weather is just cool enough that her fuzzy coat feels good and she LOVES her turnout time (good, since that's why I pay $$ to be here).

It's fun to watch, but my, um, injury was hurting more yesterday and all I could think was, "Shoot. I'm going to get on and she's going to freak and buck and bolt and dump me and I'll hurt myself worse."

Not the best way to start a training session.

I pulled her out of the turnout and she leaped around on the lead line. I could tell she was just playing since again she didn't hit the end of the lead rope or anything and there's just this look in her eye that says, "how fun is this!" Still, I don't want her thinking that behavior is ok when I hanging on to her, so I backed her up and made her stand. She was quite good after that. I had her all tacked up except her bridle when the BO started feeding in our barn. Izzy was ok with that, not so ok with all her buddies charging around going, "Wheee! Feeding time and we feel gooooood!"

She tried to leap forward in the cross ties, so I unclipped one of them and then held the lead rope while the BO quickly fed everyone to settle them down. Then I just lead Izzy over to the indoor and put her bridle on in there. She had a totally relaxed look in her eye, despite all the antics. I did try lunging her, but as usual, could hardly get her to go. She knows when she needs it and when she doesn't. I climbed on, still wary of falling off in some horrible accident.

She was looky in one end of the arena and it was getting dark and cold quickly, so I only rode walk and trot for about 10 minutes, then jumped off. When I turned her loose to roll, she meandered down to the "scary" end of the arena, and leaned over the fence to see if she could reach the haystack. When she realized she could, she just laid down and rolled.

That mare. I was so worried she'd do something, and she just wanted food. Story of our lives, I guess. ;-)


  1. I can almost picture the gleam in her eye...*G*

    That turnout is doing wonders for her! I know I keep saying that, but it's true. She is a much happier girl and will, I think become a far easier train for you.

    Now you just need to get yourself healed up so you can enjoy your pony!

  2. I'm very impressed she was so good with the other horses being fed. My horses want to eat when everyone else does (even if I don't always let them).
    It's nice she's enjoying her turn out so much.

  3. I love the leaping and jumping (like a moonshadow!) because she was happy and not because she was scared. That is supersweet. Isn't is so fun to watch a horse roll? It's so funny and awkward and beautiful all at once.

  4. Nice post, but it is dangerous too.


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