Friday, November 5, 2010

Spending Habits

I had a good, solid dressage ride yesterday, then Izzy and I walked down the road by ourselves. She didn't even flinch when big trucks went by pretty fast. Love her!

I thought I would focus on the ongoing dilemma that almost all of us have to worry about (unless you're that fabulous lady who sponsors Steffan Peters. She probably doesn't run up against this too often.)


Unfortunately, I am not independently wealthy, so I have to make some decisions. Here are my set horsie expenses:

Board: $280/month
Senior feed: $15ish/month
Ulcer meds and supps: $30ish/month

We'll pretend that gas is free and time isn't important. That leaves my constant monthly total at $325/month and I haven't accounted for other essentials like farrier care, dental, chiro, shots, and any injuries that crop up.

It is currently November. I have already spent my set $325 and I have a little money left over to spend (sort of). Here are my exciting options:

Two jumping lessons at $35/each: $70

Two dressage lessons at $35/each: $70

Schooling jumper show (3 classes): $45

Tack of the day dressage boots (mine need upgrade): ~$50 including shipping

Winter jacket that actually zips: $? (got my last one at the Youth Ranch for $4)

All are good options, and I could certainly do some combination thereof, HOWEVER, Izzy's left front heel is low, so my farrier recommended (and we are doing) resins on her front feet this month. Cost: $90. Also, I've been noticing that her hind feet seem to be wearing down more. Cross your fingers that we don't have to do back shoes, too.

So expensive. (And I know, to those of you with real jobs or in expensive areas, these figures are ridiculously low. Just remember, I'm poor and in Idaho.) ;-)

Periodically, my husband talks about getting rid of his rabbits because it costs almost $40/month to feed them. I wish I was into rabbits. (I mean, I have two fuzzy ones that I love, but they're not my big thing.)


  1. Haha, if only we were into rabbits. I won't shock you with what I spend on Tucker in very expensive Hunterdon County NJ, but suffice it to say, it's always too much. I always plan my budget out each month and think I'll have money left over that will go into my savings. Never happens. We don't buy expensive shoes for ourselves, so that helps right?

  2. Uhm, I'm here in Central New Jersey, with my horses at home so some expenses are little less in the care department--but not much. And my shoeing bill takes up your basic monthly expense every 5-6 weeks.

    But in the end, I don't regret a dollar of it. They say money can't buy happiness...but when it goes for a horse, I'm not so sure that's true.

  3. I always spend a bit more on the horses than myself. It's just the way it goes. If they are healthy, happy and taken care of- I am happy.

    If there's anything left over and something I want- then ok. Once in a while though, I have to splurge on me!

    Saving it is not a bad idea either... You never know. Besides, having a substantial cushion in the bank is never a bad thing. Shit happens at the most inopportune (sp?) times.

  4. MONEY it is a constant struggle with me too. I too live in a similarly cost of living area. Those areas that are more expensive to live also get paid signifacantly better. My animals are at home but I budget about $350 a month for everything from food to farrier to lessons and shows. It is a huge expense for us and since my husband isn't into the horse thing and he is the sole provider for the family it can make it difficult. I don't have any advice on which way to spend your money but I can defintely relate to the battle.

  5. My area is more expensive, but let's face it, it isn't cheap anywhere. We all have to make sacrifices or trade offs for our horses :)
    Of course my bias is that you spend the extra (after essentials and health care) on dressage lessons :)
    Izzy sounds like she's doing really well.

  6. Personally, I would go with the jacket (beause, let's face it, you live in the freezing-ass cold and that is an absolute necessity!), plus one dressage lesson and one jumping lesson. At least, that's the way I'd spend it (unless I saw something really cute at the tack store that I absolutely HAD to have).
    Geez, I wish my board had been that low! Mine was $575/month, plus $100 for shoes, $100 for supplements & wormer, plus goodness knows how much $$$ for extra hay...and all that was BEFORE vet bills, etc. I have no idea how I ever managed it, but I always did!

  7. I'm fourteen so my parents cover board, vet, farrier and the cheap lessons I get each month. That leaves me to get everything else. It is really hard to try and afford all the things my horse need when I don't have a job. (My parents say that I have to wait a few years) Babysitting, and lawn mowing/ watering jobs are all I get and that is usually in the summer. I agree with Frizzle you'll really regret not having a nice winter jacket! (I certainly did last year and I'm not making that mistake again!)

  8. If only we were rabbit people. Keeping a horse is so expensive, and my mare Lucy is in rehab from neglect and has really, really bad hooves. Goodbye, sweet money. The wallet feels ridiculously lighter.

  9. my Dad said "horseback riding is for the rich and you have champagne tastes on a beer budget."
    Oh's worth it. I try not to add it up. I dont like feeling nauseous.


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