Friday, November 19, 2010

Dave Round 2

Izzy gets her toes done by our wonderful farrier Dave and sometimes his excellent partner, Melissa the barefoot trimmer. Last time they were scheduled to come out, I made it to the barn 20 minutes before they did. I got Izzy out and hand grazed her, thinking that would help her relax and stand still for them.

Not so. Instead, she spent the ENTIRE time trying to stretch, fussing, walking around, even trying to lay on top of Dave periodically. It was rather embarrassing how bad she was, especially because it took 2 hours to trim all around and put front shoes on her. Grrr.

I tried a new method this time. I scheduled Dave and Melissa for late morning, then arrived a couple hours early. I did a hard dressage school on Izzy, then turned her out until they showed up about 45 minutes later.

Much improved!! Izzy stood quite nicely and no one was (nearly) injured.

Also, she got her super special resin-wraps on today. They are supposed to help her right heel grow, which she sorely needs. I would have taken pictures, but it was 35 and breezy and I was COLD. I'll try to get some on Monday...

1 comment:

  1. Glad the plan worked. It's so frustrating when your horse does not behave well for people like a really good farrier or vet. Bet Dave was pleased. *G*


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