Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back in Work II

Me, not Izzy.

I'm still banned from riding and eating for another few weeks, but I'm finally able to start exercising again. Yay for an outlet for nervous energy!!

Since I'm regaining use of my left arm slowly, I'm finally able to walk my dogs by myself. That's a huge help, because my little buggers get batty -very- quickly if they don't get lots of regular strenuous exercise. I tried running them a couple weeks ago, and it didn't work. Too much pain.

Not so the past few days. My jaw has healed enough that it doesn't feel like it's going to fall off until I start breathing hard, so I can run about a quarter to a half of a mile, then walk, then repeat.
Because certain someones have a lot of energy to burn off.

I'm trying to look at this whole thing as an exciting new route to fitness--three weeks of eating right and weight loss, now three weeks to continue eating right while beginning to reincorporate exercise to build lean muscle. Then I can start riding (hopefully) and further the process. Hopefully, I'll look better in breeches, too.

It feels SO GOOD to move again.


  1. You're making very good progress, and it must really feel great to be out and around and able to exercise again.

  2. Glad to hear you're starting to feel better.

  3. Well, it appears the dogs are going to be great motivation. (Don't think my cats would....*LOL*)

    It will be great if the outcome of the accident has such positive results. Wishing you the best in your efforts. *S*

  4. Glad that you are geting some exercise. Too much downtime makes everyone... Canine, equine and human a bit batty!! LOL! Soon you will back in the saddle!

  5. Way to look on the bright side! So glad you are feeling well enough to move around a bit. LOVE your dogs, as you know :)


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