Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Trail Walking

That is our big exciting activity for now. I lead, Izzy follows, we explore.

Here we are leaving the barn, headed to the road.

We go down the road... at low traffic times, because the speed limit is like 50, most cars go a lot faster than that, and there is almost no shoulder to get off on. Whee!

Then we turn off the main road onto the trail to the ditchbank.

Here we are! The canal is huge and fast and you could drown in it easily, so I try to stay on the side of the road that is away from it.

Then, part of the canal branches off. OMG! Water on both sides! This is always very exciting.

A back view of Izzy's lovely home. That pasture? All hers.

The wondermare herself.

Look! Ducks! Who knows what kinds of crazy things they will do?

We go down the little embankment and then continue around the hay field.

Down the weedy trail and through the gate...

Then we pass the pond. There's always lots of birds, sometimes even herons. Izzy is very suspicious of the lot of them.

All that's left to do is troop through the hayfield to go home.

It may not be the most exciting thing ever, but it sure breaks of the monotony of not doing anything else. You know. ;-)


  1. And just think how nice and fit you will be from all that walking. Lovely little trail there--except for the road part. I'd be terrified to take a horse on my road 90% of the time. Fortunately, I don't need to in order to get to my trails.

  2. Copycats! ;-) That's what Salem and I do, only our little walking area isn't nearly as exciting as yours. We go around the few roads in our little neighborhood, and we used to go through the grove across the street, but we avoid it now because it is a haven of mosquito/bug/gnat death.
    Izzy will be a superstar trail pony by the time you're back in the saddle!

  3. I don't know about Izzy, but Promise will follow me anywhere. And that often translates under saddle pretty easily. :)

  4. I LOVE your walking trail! So much variance and stuff to see! It's going to be so good for Izzy too...not much is going to freak her out if you keep it up:) You're really making the most out of a crappy situation (not being able to ride). Off to watch the videos!


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