Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hanging On

Since running is my only way to an endorphin high right now, I'm picking up the mileage and really starting to enjoy it. It's not that I'm going all that far--I'm just going farther than I was before. In fact, I'm probably still on track to run a 10k this fall. Go me!

I've considered trying to run Izzy alongside me, but since our endurance dreams are probably still a ways off, I haven't tried it yet. Besides, I know two little dogs who would be so very jealous.

And yes, they got even muddier after this shot was taken. Someone thought it was a good idea to take a massive flying leap into the middle of the mud puddle.

He was wrong.

Izzy continues to be fat and happy. I've never seen her this, er, substantial before.

Despite all that, she's still looking pretty good. All gleam and gloss and virtually no hard work. She's living the American Horse Dream.

Here's a video from today.
Honestly, I see progress even from the video I posted yesterday, so that's good news.

9 days to riding time.


  1. Izzy is looking great. I wish I could put some weight on Nina. I had a friend who jogged with her horse. She had a fall and broke her leg on xc, part of her therapy was walking and then running. She took her horse with her figuring it was better than standing around or lunging. We would see them at the barn doing laps or off in the distance on the ditch trails. She continued to do it as a warm up for the horse after she was back riding. Seemed to work for them.

  2. Running with your horse can work, provided your horse is so "broke to lead" that she will match your pace. Otherwise, she could drag you along as I am sure she can out trot you.

    As well, at this point, I'd just be a bit worried that if Izzy got too excited you might get hurt if she shied or acted up. But you know her far better than I do, so you'd have to think it through to decide if it would work.

  3. Gosh, she looks really great! So pretty. I bet it would be fun to jog with her, but your right, the little ones would probably get their noses a bit out of shape. Maybe go with Izzy for a short jaunt, then get the dogs, that might work...

  4. awww.... Izzy is looking really good :)

  5. Izzy looks amazing. Just gorgeous.

  6. Izzy's looking great =). It's so good to have someone you can trust to ride her during your down time. And fun for you to be able to watch your mare go.
    I always liked finding a good rider so I could see what he looked like... you can't see much but neck and ears when you're on them! :)

  7. I know very well how much horses like stand around and nibble grass and do not care if they are ever under saddle again! At least, this is how my mare is! I don't blame her for wanting the American Horse Dream! She pretty much has it anyway when I am at work all week. Glad to hear Izzy is fat and happy!


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