Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Holding Pattern

Two week exam on my arm yesterday. It's healing well, which means I am now splint and sling free, but I am still experiencing quite a lot of pain and will continue to for 2-3 months, according to the doctor. Wheee. That said, I can now use it "as my pain allows, within reason".

So I promptly drove out to the barn, got Izzy out, and tried to lunge her in a surcingle and side reins.

Not the best idea ever. I did ok going to the left because my gimp arm just had to hold the line. Going right was bad news. Apparently, a newly-healing elbow is not ok supporting the weight and complexity of a lunge whip. Oh, and that's the side Izzy leans in on, so it requires a lot more motion.

Ugh. Apparently, "take it easy--still no heavy lifting, but do some light fingering" did not mean "you are free to return to normal activity".

Oh well. In other news, Izzy got a big ol' shoulder rub from her fly sheet. No idea how it happened overnight, since I'd been religiously checking for the slightest sign of it, but whatever. She's now sheet-free. We'll see how that goes.


  1. Glad things seem to be healing up - but don't overdo - but you know that! I'm now 4 1/2 weeks post-injury and I'm only now thinking about trying to lunge Dawn, who lunges pretty well. I don't use a lunge whip, but need to be able to use both hands for the line, and the shoulder's almost but not quite there yet.

  2. Oh no, make sure you protect your crippled arm while it heals -- ya don't want to make it worse and push your schedule back further!

    Salem's fly sheet also rubbed huge patches of hair off his moob/shouder area, so he's also back to being naked (well, except mask/boots). Luckily, the sheet was free (and brand new!) from a very generous border, so no huge loss.

  3. Doctors should know better than to tell a horseperson that it's OK to use and injured limb "as the pain allows." We can put up with a lot more than the average person when it comes to doing things with our horses.

    Do try to take it easy. I think you will heal faster if you don't aggravate things too much.

    Too bad about the sheet rub on your girl. My guys wear PVC/Textilene ones all the time with no problem. They don't seem to rub at all.

  4. Sheesh, you sound like you are as bad a patient as I am ;) But at least you know your limits now!

  5. Things are starting to go backwards with my shoulder, I'm actually going in for an MRI later. Why is it getting worse? Because I was pushing myself. Don't do stupid things like working your horse, it will set you back. Just do as the doctor, it will be best in the long run :)

    (this comeing from someone who was unloading grain off the truck)

  6. patience is the hardest part about getting better!! I swear the doctors never tell the truth the first time they see you... I think every time I see the doctor he says just another 4-6 weeks and you can do xxxx. well, that 4-6 weeks perpetually moves up. aggravating!

    Find that fine line between staying sane and not overdoing things! Overdoing it, just sets you back more than you think it will.

    Sending you lots of extra healing and patience vibes!


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