Friday, July 1, 2011

July Goals!

To distract myself from the double fracture in my jaw (not even kidding), I'm going to do a goals wrap-up.

June goals:
1) GET OUT. Leave the arena. 1-2 times a week, I need to ride outside. Izzy isn't bothered by trail rides--I am. For now, I'm going to count riding on the track. I'm also going to ride into the hayfield at least once a week. I may be doing it in western tack, but we are for sure doing it.
Assessment: Success!!!!! We ended up riding outside the arena around 3x a week. It was a growing experience for both of us, and we made a ton of progress, culminating in a fab xc performance. <--Not sarcastic. It really was great right until I came crashing off.

2) Jump!! We are doing well with single verticals and cross rails. Height isn't really an issue--Izzy is super athletic. Instead, actually set some related distances.
Assessment: Success!! Every time I set a jump, I tried to think about how it would further Izzy's and my education. We worked through her/my rushing issue and were doing great.

3) Conditioning--this means going FORWARD in our dressage and galloping on the track and working longer. Izzy is out on rich grass in need of some strenuous work and it will be good for both of us.
Assessment: Win!! We did really, really well. I was incredibly proud of the progress she was making.
All in all, June was a stunning success.

July goals are more complicated. I have no idea what to write.

Here's what our month looks like:
Me: No solid food, plenty of fun doctor appointments, limited to no use of left arm. No riding, no running.
Izzy: 7 days a week of 12 hour turnout in a lush pasture. Occasional grooming, occasional lunging. My fellow boarder the dressage rider has graciously agreed to ride Izzy about once a week, on her days off. At least Ms. Mare will be getting a periodic butt kicking.

Sooo... goals.
1) Get a bottle of fly spray and teach Izzy to stand while I apply it.
2) Recruit friends and use round pen as needed to lunge Izzy four times a week. Work on going forward, transitions, and transitions within gaits.
3) Stay in motion. I can't ride or run, but I can do some pilates stuff, walk, and..l. I don't know. Something. Try not to become a fat blob during this setback.


  1. Can you ride a stationary bike? No idea if that would be too much motion for your arm, or if you even have access to one (I wouldn't, unless I joined a gym), but just throwing that out there. The jaw is the worst part... you poor thing. Ugh, so sorry.

  2. Oh noooooo, not the jaw???!! Mannnn, that really really really sucks. Well, at least you have one hand to hold your cocktail while you slurp it through a straw. Surely you can still do trail rides, your legs still work! Ok, maybe I don't listen to drs very well.

  3. Omg, double-fractured jaw?! NOT cool, now you can't even console yourself with chocolate!! I agree with eventer, just get yourself a nice Big Gulp cup, fill it with the alcohol of your choice, and slurp away your worries. Not trying to promote alcoholism, but DAMN, no solid food for a month + no riding = complete suckiness! I feel for ya, girl.

  4. I saw your Facebook post about your jaw. Once again, I am sooooo sorry.

    Hey, if you can't eat, you can't turn into a "Fat blob!" *sorry--needed to try to make a joke here* Maybe you could try making some veggie and fruit smoothie thingies that people claim they lose weight on?

    Thought of something else you could do. Straddle one of those barrels, and then work on your jumping position. Here's the key...learn to fold your body with your seat pretty much in contact with the "saddle--the barrel" Keep your leg firmly under you and develop that flexibility in your waist and hip area.

    Jumping safely--especially cross country--is a challenge. You need to keep your heel well down--the feeling is pushing your foot and lower leg forward in the stirrup--as your weight stays over the horse's back. It's not quite the two point you may think of for hunters where the jumps/landings/ etc are more predictable. Always the leg feels forward and your seat stays over the top of the horse.

    You can also practice a following rein release with your hands--if that arm is OK, while you are straddling the barrel. Close your body at the jump, and push your hand forward stretching your arm to give the "horse" her head.

    You'll be doing some exercise for your core and flexibility at the same time. You can do it at home too if you have something you can straddle as your horse. Just remember to not throw your body and hips forward...just close down to the horse.

    Hope that helps keep you physically occupied.

    Sending very gentle (((hugs)))

  5. Man-there is something so wrong about capping off such a fabulous month with broken jaws and arms. That's really great that Izzy is going to get lots of turnout, lunging and riding once a week is a heck of a lot better than nothing at all. Take it easy on yourself, and be grateful on the really hot or miserable or rainy days you're not having to ride in it? Also, as above, thank goodness alcohol isn't verboten:)

  6. I am telling you right now, do NOT over do it. You must resist, do not push yourself. Healing is more important then anything else right now, you do not want to pay for it later.

  7. wow girl, I can't believe your month ended like that :( If I were you I'd sit by a pool and get a nice tan going. My legs are stark white from wearing riding pants whenever I'm outside ;)

  8. I agree with the alcohol suggestions - why not guilt free drinking since you can't exercise or eat anyway? :) So sorry to read of your injury. It sucks to be making progress and then have a set back. Now you know you can do it (make such great progress) though.

  9. Darn, after such a great month of wins. Well, I think you deserve a few cocktails and time to heal. Izzy will be fine and you'll ease back into work with you and her at the same speed again.


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