Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Back In Work

Not me--Izzy.
A fellow boarder agreed to ride her for me as her work schedule permits. She's a nice 2nd (ish) level rider who's seen me ride Izzy a lot, so she knows Ms Mare isn't a crazy bronco.

Izzy seemed kind of surprised to get tacked up. I mean, she hasn't worn a saddle in 10 days and probably hasn't done dressage in two weeks. Shocking, really.

It wasn't exactly love at first ride. Izzy tried everything she could think of to convince her new rider that she really shouldn't have to work, but she didn't get away with much. The boarder seemed to have a good time, and I'm looking forward to next time.


  1. Princess Izzy looks quite nice in the photo. Front end elevated, and hind end engaged. I'd bet she was surprised when someone else saddled her up and then rode. How nice that you found someone to work your girl for you while you are laid up--and it's always fun to see someone else ride your horse.

  2. Great you have a back up rider. Wish I did, but no such luck.

  3. She looks great! Once she gets over the testing phase, I bet she'll enjoy herself.


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