Thursday, July 21, 2011

Other Options

Despite my last post, Izzy is not just a treat-sucking western pony, much to her dismay.

She's doing dressage about two days a week, and in general, doing pretty well.

You see? Fat girl looks good. Also all English-y, for those of you who were afraid the dark side had overtaken me.

She and S have come to an accord, which makes for much smoother riding.

I don't really have a whole lot to say, other than it's killing me to keep watching. I WANT TO RIDE!!!

2 weeks, 3 days til I can try again.

Here's a video of their latest ride. It's just a short with mostly canter work, but Izzy is so nice and smoother. :-) Good mare.

I'm happy to say that the weather is just about perfect here--clear skies, high 80s, light breezes.

I take it back. It is perfect here. So glad I'm not stuck in the nasty heat wave the rest of you are having.


  1. She looks good!!!

  2. Izzy really does look great! Your substitute is doing a nice job of riding her.

    Just hang in there for those last few days and don't be too hard on yourself if you aren't quite as strong as you were before the accident. You'll get fit again for riding in no time. Be patient.

  3. Izzy looks lovely. You will be back on soon.

  4. It must be so hard being on the sidelines and watching your horse work so well...with perfect weather to boot! I hope your patience pays off...I saw your other post about dropping your stirrups when you get back on. You are one determined girl! Keep it up and you two will go so far:)


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