Friday, July 15, 2011

More Shopping

I sort of ran yesterday, then watched S ride Izzy again. It was lovely and their best ride ever, but I haven't got the pictures downloaded yet.

Let's just be honest: killing time is not my specialty. My specialty is getting crap done. Unfortunately, due to the vagaries of the whole healing process, there is precious little I'm allowed to get done.

I can, however, internet all I want.

Nothing worse for a tack whore than pure, unadulterated internetting time. Izzy is getting a new western headstall and I'm picking out special upgraded crystal studded conchos for it.

You won't even recognize us.

In related news, I would kill for a ride right now.


  1. Oh boy...eBay, watch out!!

    I just got a new Kerrits Ride Outside jacket from eBay for $50 shipped. It retails for $107. Yeah I won't need it until December here but...I'll have it!!!

  2. Behave yourself! Put your wallet in the desk and lock the drawer...*G* Shopping on the Internet is far too tempting for ordinary mortals, let alone horse addicts.

    I think you need to recover fast before this gets too far. *G*

    Hope you are feeling better each and every day.

  3. I'm so sorry you're still sidelined:( Hopefully you'll be back soon with lots of summer left...and lots of new stuff to show off:)


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