Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Building Up

Here's the view from my saddle lately:

The lovable Foster, aka 'giant unbroke pony'.

Ms. Tatiyana, Steph upper-level prospect.

Both of these were taken in the arena, but have no fear boys and girls, I've been taking them out. Like in the mountains. Walking, trotting, cantering, doing stuff. I actually haven't ridden Izzy since Saturday (life and work getting in the way) but my butt has been in the saddle on multiple horses most days.

It's a good thing. Izzy and I have a long history together and we understand each other pretty well. Riding other horses forces me to, well, RIDE. I can't just tip forward and cluck to get Yana to canter--I have to sit up and kick. Other horses have other issues, but the important thing is that they're not -our- issues. I'm getting saddle time and working on stuff from our lessons on horses that I'm not used to. Specifically, on horses that are a little more generous in ways Izzy is simply not.

I realize it's not doing a whole lot for Izzy, but I think the variety is helping me. I have to just go saddle up a horse and ride it. No time to worry or build up stress or anything. Just go.

It's a stretch for me, but I'm enjoying it. What's more, I'm learning from it. I'll be back on the pony mare tomorrow, and I look forward to seeing how things are going to change for us.

On an unrelated note, it is SO FREAKING FUN to gallop a prelim horse up a mountain. Anyone want to buy Yana for me? I'm having a little love...


  1. Riding a lot of different horses is one of the best ways I know to develop your skill, your seat and your confidence. Glad you are having a good time with some special horses. Izzy will really profit from this.

  2. Are you KIDDING me? You are cantering strange horses up and down frigging mountains??? You are going to be (even more of) a superstar when you are done with that place:) What a great experience and, yeah, I could see how you could fall in love with those ponies!

  3. Riding a lot of different horses is great! It's probably my favorite thing about being on the equestrian team here at school, I get to ride different horses all the time - I didn't realize how much versatility I lost as a rider by getting my own horse. We know each other too well sometimes and I forget that not all horses respond like mine.

    In response to your comment on my blog, it's really sweet of you to offer me your wither pad :D I actually just scored one of the thick felt/wool wither pads on eBay for less than $30. Hopefully a 1 inch thick pad will do the trick. If not... there's got to be a way to figure this out. The reason I bought my saddle is because this brand runs on the narrow side, and it's still not narrow enough! He's so slim, I see why this is not a desirable trait in horses! I used to go out to the pasture and sit down and use his front two legs as a backrest, they're so close together.

  4. It's so great you get to ride different horses. It really helps with riding and gives a person experience. Sounds like your having heaps of fun.

  5. I love to gallop! We have a training hill at the training farm. Not a mountain, but you get a nice turf horse who really likes to work and you put them to a work up that hill... well, that's why I stopped showing and started riding the race horses, lol!

  6. I know from my daughter that this will improve your riding on Izzy all the more! She is riding multiple horses a day, also, at her working student position. She was home last weekend and rode my 4 yr old mare - I have never seen her go like that (my mare and my daughter!).
    Enjoy this experience!


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