Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Stephanie's working students from the summer are back in town for Christmas break, and we've been having a lot of fun. Here we are going for a lovely hack in the mountains. I'm riding Topaz the appy gelding, and directly in front of his ears is Izzy with a senior student up.

She looks good, doesn't she? She was calm and relaxed throughout, as long as she didn't have to lead. It's good to get her out there and good for me to see her behaving herself so I'm better able to try next time.

After such a leisurely Tuesday, I was supposed to have a jumping lesson today. I also have work commitments and a ton of crap to get done before the weekend, so I had to abridge it rather sharply. I got on a walked a bit, then Stephanie told us to gallop. I asked Izzy for her right lead, which she gave me from a walk, and we were OFF!!

Not like falling off; no, mareface went gallopity-gallop down the long side and around the turn and was going faster than I have ever felt her go before.

And I was having a blast. I mean, OMG MY HORSE WAS FORWARD!!! I jumped the pony yesterday, who is a totally different ride, and rode Steph's big grey mare the day before, so I've really been mixing it up lately. Anyways. We galloped one way, then changed directions through the middle (yes Izzy does perfect flying changes. What?) and GALLOPED the other way. Not a canter. Not a hand gallop. Not me sitting there nagging her with my leg. Nope, mare was going.

We trotted and cantered over one of Steph's massive crossrails (if it's not at least 2' in the middle, it doesn't count apparently), focusing on staying straight and balanced and maintaining lines of direction. It was incredibly weird to have to rate Izzy a bit on the circles--usually all I do it kick, kick, kick to keep her going.

Wow. I love forward Izzy. Also, I noticed that our girth was just a tich loose when we went over the first jump. Great incentive to stay balanced over the middle! I have never been so bummed to cut a lesson short. There is a super fun looking course set up that we totally could have rocked if I didn't have to leave.


  1. Man, Izzy looks super shiny in that pic. Shiny and relaxed.... not a bad combo! :)

    Glad to hear that jumping is going well. I should be back in town sometime in January. Maybe you'll be jumping verticals or 3' crossrails by then and I can get some more pictures! Though I guess that even if you're not, I could still get more pictures. We're just cool like that ;)

  2. That trail looks lovely as does that bay rump in front of you. *G*

    Great fun when your horse wants to go and to jump. It changes the whole feeling into something really special. Hope izzy keeps her enthusiasm.


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