Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Progress of an Unchartable Nature

Earlier this week, I went into full-on meltdown mode. I decided I couldn't ride my horse, couldn't do anything right, would never make any progress, and might as well sell her and get it over with. (Irrational and unprompted. Hormones?)

I then proceeded to get on her and actually have a fabulous ride.

The other working student rode her yesterday since I had to go to work. She texted and told me that Izzy was "a dragon lady, but still fun".

Hm. At least I'm not the only one who occasionally has issues with her, right?

Pony mare today.

After riding two others, getting on Izzy was just so easy. I felt comfortable and in control. I didn't have to nag her too much. I got her nicely forward and maintained it. Despite there being three other horses in the arena with us, we had a really, really good ride.

The difference? I'm riding better certainly, which makes me more comfortable. Specifically, I think I'm starting to ride well enough and Izzy is throwing enough at me that I can say, "Alright. Let's fix that." She spooks, I stay on. She runs forward, I make her halt and back. She gets behind my leg, I go for a gallop.

Our ride today was in a bit she's never gone in on a saddle not specifically fitted for her with something other than her special pad. And guess what? It was marvelous. I've honestly never felt this optimistic about our future together (hormones again? Maybe).

Here's how confident I felt: when Steph and another client were talking about hauling out for an XC school in the next couple months, I wanted to go along*. I think we can do it.

*Then I spent two seconds thinking about the sad state of my bank account and the ridiculous expense of hauling out of state and giggled at the idea that I could afford it.


  1. I blame hormones.
    I love that you're feeling so good about your mare! I adore that feeling of getting back on "your" horse after riding another. Makes it so much more obvious how far you've come and how well you know her...

  2. Sometimes those hormonal challeng / meltdown times can be constructive - they force the issue and then we let things go. (At least I keep telling myself that...)

    Glad you're feeling better. :)

  3. Add a little post holiday letdown and the hormones would have even more of an impact....

    Glad you are feeling better. You are doing a fine job with your girl. Just keep up that confidence.

  4. Hooray! :) And yes, you will make progress. You will rock around any course you want.

    Speaking of which, I was talking to Gary yesterday and mentioned that I'd like to go up to Rafter K to just school, rather than derby, and he said that was definitely a likelihood for the coming year.

    And Brenda stunned me into speechlessness when she suggested -- as we talked a bit about when I might go to an event, either Twin or Galway, to volunteer and help them out -- that Galway has a Beginner Novice division. *eek!* I stammered and said I'd like to start maybe at Golden Spike, and we'll see about Galway in the fall. EEEK.

    So YES. Let's school XC!


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