Friday, December 2, 2011

Jumping Lesson with PICTURES!!!

OMG. I am so excited to have fabulous jumping pictures. If you have a brain in your head, you're insanely jealous of my luck in having Ellie as a friend. She came out Thursday to take pictures of Izzy and I in the freezing cold and did an absolutely fabulous job, as per her usual.

Without further ado:

We came into the arena and immediately started galloping around. I'd shorten around the ends a little, then let her go really forward down the longer sides. I wanted her forward and in front of my leg.

Zoom zoom zoom!!

Then we started doing transitions to sharpen her up. Gallop. Halt. Trot. Leg yield. Gallop. Walk. I flexed my body left and right and remembered to stay light and balanced over her, using gravity to stay in the saddle instead of sheer deranged-monkey-grip.

Soft, forward, responsive. That's how we want to start a lesson. Look how shiny her browband is, too. Mmhmm. Someone broke out the brass polish this week.

And we're off! The exercise was a line of bounces. We were working on staying balanced and letting the horse do her job. We started brilliantly.

Then we had a little role confusion. Izzy says "OH MY GAWD that is big, mom".

Straightness. It's important.

Of course, if you miss your line in a grid like this, Izzy can jump pretty darned high. Look at us go! I'm absurdly proud of this picture, even though the reason we're jumping so high is because I screwed up.

Two things:

1) While not perfect, look how much better I'm riding. Amazing what lessons can do.

2) I actually don't mind how I look in breeches right now. Could be better, but has been worse. Winning!


  1. Great pics! I am jealous.
    And my horses always think the driver must be drunk when we find ourselves aimed at the high part of a cross rail.

  2. Awesome, definitely some improvement in how relaxed and through she looks

  3. You gals look great! She looks calm and confident, and I was thinking, before I got to the breeches comment, that you look like you have lost weight! Super congrats to you both!

  4. Yeah! I like it. You two have definitely made serious progress, that is awesome. It's so hard when both parties are learning together and I think you are doing a great great job sticking with and working hard to solve issues. You should be proud of you two!

  5. Wooohooo!!! You guys look great.

  6. Yaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy, jumping! And yay pics!

  7. Izzy is sooo gorgeous!! Great pics!

  8. You Both look fantastic! Keep the pics coming.

  9. This makes me want to get my butt in gear and find a trainer.

  10. So much better in your position with your hands giving Izzy room to use her head. Your leg is much better too, with a good heel, but over the fence, it still goes back a bit. The more you can think about dropping your heel down and "forward" over the jump, the more secure your seat will be.

    Izzy looks really good.

  11. Pics look so great!! Those jumps are BIG, you should be proud :)

  12. You two look great. Your base of support looks really solid!

  13. Awesome of your two things. :) I love the refusal picture. The expression on her face is great. In the second picture did you come at the grid again or did she jump that from a stand still? Keep up the great work!

  14. Haha, guess I should have clarified. The jumping shot is from a different approach.


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