Monday, December 19, 2011

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly: Show Recap!

First off: I apologize for the complete and utter lack of pictures. It was indoors and at night, so you can imagine why there was absolutely zero point in even trying.

The Good:

1) Izzy unloaded like a pro and came out pretty calm. She looked around and walked around with me, but had no major issues with anything, including heavy equipment buzzing around, two herds of donkeys braying, and ponies galloping by willy nilly.

2) I achieved all my goals for the show. I was calm and relaxed (mostly), I remembered my course, and I had a great time.

3) I stayed balanced on kept Izzy between myself and the ground. Win!

The Bad:

1) When we went into the show arena, Izzy reverted into total brain melt mode. The sensory input was so much that we stopped at every single jump.

2) Most of them more than once.

3) Some we never even got over.

The Ugly:

1) Stephanie got on at that point. Izzy decided she'd had enough for one day, and tried to park at the first jump.

2) Stephanie backed her up about three steps and made her jump from there.

3) The rest of the course was in kind--Izzy said no, and Steph made her go. I have never been happier to watch someone ride my horse than I was then.

They ended up going in for a second round, which was much smoother and better to watch.

Overall, I'd say it was a good experience. I felt incredibly comfortable on Izzy--I expected to get on and feel precariously perched again, but no. I was riding. I was in balance. I felt fine. Even with all the stopping and awkward leapings that was our attempt at a course, I felt ok. I stayed in the middle and didn't get off balance or flustered. I expected to be tossed out of the tack at every fence, and I wasn't.

Also, for those of you who wonder why I boot Izzy perennially, here it is.

Green and freaking out mare at show ripped a massive chuck of her boots. It tore through the strikepad, neoprene, fabric, everything, but there isn't a mark on her leg. If she'd left a hunk of leg on the fence, I'd have a vet bill (most likely) and and a horse who didn't want to jump because the jumps will eat her.



  1. Indeed, good, bad, and ugly. At least you know it wasn't you when you saw Stephanie having the same problems. Times like that show just how green Izzy really is to all the new experiences. And a nighttime show is really challenging.

    She got some seriously good experience and so did you so on that score, I'd say it's a blue ribbon. Now you just need to get out and do it some more.

    You should feel pleased to have ridden so well.

  2. I am taking some Dresage Clinics that will end with a show in March... I only hope I will have enough courage to go threw with showing then. Congrats for keeping the horse between you and the ground!

  3. Staying calm and focussed in what could be a stressful situation is huge. I'm working on it. Good for you for pulling it off. Sounds like a great experience.

  4. Keeping a horse between yourself and the ground- it really is the art of riding. Even if Izzy wasn't at her best, it sounds like you were!

  5. Well, one under your belt and lot's learned. That is some success :)

  6. Was that Izzy's first show? It can be a doozy -- at Solo's first show, I had to give up, pronounce him unrideable and lead him around all day. The plus side was he was perfectly fine at his second show, LOL.

  7. If that was her first show then I think she did pretty good. My first horses first show was a nightmare.
    Sounds like you rode her really well though.

  8. You got that first one out of the way, phew! Congrats on meeting your goals! The fact that you even attempted over fences at your first outing is huge:-)

  9. It sounds to me that YOU made the show a success by not letting yourself get frazzled, frustrated or discouraged. That to me is the second most important thing next to staying safe. There will be very few times that competions go just like you planned so keeping a good attitude can make or break whether the show is a success in your mind. I am very proud of you for not letting any of it get you down.


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