Monday, March 26, 2012

Beautiful Faces

A picture of the pony mare from last summer.

As I think we can all agree, Cuna is completely adorable.

He is also completely opposite of Izzy in head type. She's big and bold with strong lines. He's more delicate and refined, with a small muzzle. His face is easily overpowered by the big, padded stuff that looks so striking on Izzy.

I think this picture says it all...

Anyways. The point is, I am now rabidly bridle shopping for Cuna. I love big, padded monocrowns and fancy stitching. He looks HORRIBLE in anything like that. Not a little bad. No, HORRIBLE.

Fortunately, I am actually at a barn with other eventers at the moment, so we do have a lot of different stuff to play with. Here's Cuna wearing a much more refined bridle that we borrowed to try out.

It looks so much better.

We then took it for a test ride--he and I led the way on a long trail ride with another lady and her spaztastic four year old who hasn't been out much. The young guy would come charging up behind us or nip at Cuna or spook at something silly, and the old man didn't even flick an ear.

Even today, I had a rather dramatic ride on another horse. I am fine, but I felt pretty rattled. I just hopped on Cuna next and had a great ride, knowing that even on his wild days, the most he does is take a quick step. He is so good for me. :-) Hopefully, I'm good for him too. After all, he has a huge supply of peppermints and a personal tack whore to make sure he's always looking sharp.


  1. I am so glad that you have Cuna. I love how your appreciation for him is so palpable. Just curious, how old is the "old man"? Mine is almost 14, but I do not consider him old. ;)

  2. You and Cuna sound like your perfect for each other. :) I'm sure Cuna couldn't be happier.
    Can't wait to see what his new bridle will look like on him.

  3. How did the showing go with Izzy?

  4. You two are perfect for each other :) And as you know, I love the look of the Stubben on Cuna's face. I hope you win the auction for the havana one!

  5. I have a chestnut OTTB with super refined features also. I use a Stubben dressage bridle and a Pessoa figure-8 for jumping and I think he looks pretty stunning in both:)

  6. I agree- how did showing Izzy go?

    BTW Smartpak makes some awesome bridles :)

  7. Bridle shopping - one of my most favorite things to do! Love Charlie's figure-8 from Five Star Tack. They make some absolutely beautiful bridles and they have really great customer service. But you can't beat Smartpak either...have fun!

  8. Cuna sounds perfect for you. I love a horse that's as steady outside the arena as inside. It makes riding so much more fun!

  9. Cuna looks great in the borrowed bridle! Thank goodness your a strategic shopper.. I have a few bridles that will take some serious rigging to get Reno into. But I refuse to part with $200 bridle that has been worn once. Live and learn I guess ;)

  10. I am positive that you two are good for each other! And he looks very handsome in the borrowed bridle :)

  11. Yep, the refined bridle looks way better on him!! Cuna sounds so awesome. He's worth his weight in gold! I need to find a horse like that lol.


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