Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wild Thing!

This picture is just before we loaded up on Saturday. That sheet is very revealing, don't you think?

Cuna was completely wild today (for him). It was windy and cold and raining steadily. He always has his ears up and is looking around, but he actually took a good look at three (3, count 'em) different things while we trotted around the outdoor. In fact, I think he may have taken a quick step at one point in an effort to evade a scary monster. (!!)

I laugh, but I can't even express how happy I am with him. It's not that it bothers me when a horse spooks--it's just that I'm so used to not knowing what will happen and being uncomfortable, that having him do stuff like that is almost like having him intentionally desensitizing me. I can almost hear him saying, "Breathe, lady. If you don't ride me, I might take TWO quick steps, and then we'll be even farther away".

He's happy to pack me around over jumps, but he does actually expect me to ride in the arena. It's cool and sort of liberating.

Oh, and after his complete wildness? I took him for a hack on the buckle. Apparently all scariness was over, because he didn't even blink.

Here's the pony mare today. She's back at the barn and in work with Stephanie and one of her more advanced clients. I think we're taking a sales video this week, which is good because we're getting inquiries on her already.

It's weird to be around her--when she's in her stall or going to turnout, she's just another horse to me. I was holding her before she got ridden today though, and got to spend some time with her. She's still her gorgeous, pushy, lovable self. She begs for cookies and I know all her itchy spots.

I've been going through my tack and equipment slowly and making Cuna try it all on. Part of me feels weird doing that now that Izzy is here staring at us, but at the same time, I feel sort of empty about her.

I put so very much into her and pushed myself beyond what I thought I could take, and now I'm just giving up. I'm not sure how I even should feel. I hate to be overly dramatic in a serious way, but it's almost a Romen-and-Juliet sort of thing. She's gorgeous and I love her and I want her, and it just isn't meant to be.

Whenever I think of Cuna or see his adorable face, I smile. His fluffy forelock makes me giggle and his long neck is perfect for hugging. I must say, his face is completely different from Izzy's so I've had to sell a lot of bridles. After all, I got him one of his own before I even knew what was going to happen...


  1. So happy for you! You sound really positive and that's awesome! Good for you and good for the big red hunk!

  2. Not giving up, just moving on!

  3. Moving on.... a skill not valued enough! I wish you nothing but success and happiness with the old red man :)

  4. Selling bridles? You didn't off er any on here :( they are probably out of my price range anyways but I think if you sell off any of your stuff us blogger crazies should get first dibs :-)

  5. Don't think of it as giving up, because it is not. You gave her a phenomenal start, that she is lucky to have, that has set her up to be very marketable to an excellent home. That is a success story any way I look at it.

    And I always go for the horses that make you grin, so I know what a wonderful feeling that is. Hug Cuna boy for me, he sounds like a class act.

  6. In the horse world we have to learn that horses do come and go, and we do need to move on from one to another. Sometimes we fall in love with our own horses, or our clients horses. When they need to go it is time to let them and look ahead to what's next. That's the horse business. That and a lot of crap to clean up everyday!

  7. Hugs for your feelings for on Izzy, and Happiness for your feelings for Cuna.

    It comes down to being as simple as that; one makes you happy, one makes you unsettled.

    Izzy has a lot going for her, what you have developed in her, and is lucky in that she should be quite marketable. You have done her an incredible service, no shame or guilt in now doing yourself the same service and opening up learning and enjoying what horses have to offer.

    Thank Izzy for what she taught you.

    Thank Cuna for all he's given you and will give you.


  8. I've been where you are and I know how torn you're feeling. Once you find the right person for her (you'll know when it happens), you'll probably feel more like you are doing the right thing. Now when I run into Julie's owner at the tack shop and she tells me how much she loves her, I feel 100% certain it was the right thing to do for all of us. You'll get there. But this part right now does kind of suck. Focus on Cuna :)

  9. I enjoy / appreciate how you write so honestly about the experience of selling Izzy and bonding with Cuna. It sure sounds like a good move. Cuna sounds like fun.

  10. That is exactly how I felt about T-Bone, my Morgan I sold in 2009. I felt "empty" about him. And that is when I knew it was time to find him a new home. Cuna is so cute, by the way.

  11. You're not giving up. You're doing what is right for both of you! I'm glad Cuna makes you so happy. :D


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