Sunday, March 18, 2012


Go to grocery store for $2 item.

Have phone conversation with potential Izzy buyer.

Immediately impulse buy white rolls and chocolate cream pie.

This can't go on.

As much as she scares me, as much as I love Cuna, she's still my pony mare who I invested in, heart and soul, for the past three years. I know it's time to move on, but the closer that gets to reality, the more batty I feel.

This is an old picture from the first summer I had her, and I've always loved it. She's just so cute and perky and interested.

I know what needs to happen. It will happen. It's just hard, day to day, minute to minute. I never thought it would be like this--she was always going to stay with me forever, and now she isn't.


  1. Oh honey, I'm so damn sorry. I was wondering when it would hit you:( I was hoping it wouldn't, but it just shows what an amazing, caring owner you are. It is SO hard. You WILL get through this though-make sure she goes ONLY to someone you are totally comfortable with. Write in the sellers contract they will send updates to you if you want:) It will be ok...huge, huge hugs.

  2. Thinking about it, deciding to do it are hard enough. Actually doing it will be hard. You could let your trainer sell her, take all the calls etc. But I think you would be happier (I know I would) making the decision and being happy with her new owners yourself.
    It will work out.

  3. I know where you're coming from (as you know), I'm right there with you. Keep telling yourself it is the RIGHT thing to do, and she's not going off to goodness knows where, you're choosing the next owner. It's a tough go, particularly having such a long history with her, but you know it's the right thing to do. As they say "the right thing to do is hardly ever the easiest thing to do". Just be glad of the time you've had together and move forward for yourself :)

  4. It is the hardest thing to do. I sell a lot of horses but when it came to my personal horses it was heart breaking. I'm going to have to do it again soon. When we get into the horse industry no one tells you it is this hard.

    I like the quote from NSRider above, "the right thing to do is hardly ever the easiest thing to do". So true!!!

  5. Don't be too hard on yourself. It will be hard, it's ok to be sad about it. Let your emotions be what they are so you can process the situation and find Izzy her right person.

  6. Yeah . . . this part sucks. :( I still miss the mare I gave up five years ago. I grew up with her though. We were together for thirteen years. I still get to go see her though and that helps. It will be okay. It does get easier.


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